January 2, 2017


Ferndale Washington


Sister Brush

Happy New Year!

Hey Everybody,

Can we talk about the fact that it is already 2017?! We celebrated the new year by eating pudding and drinking martinelli's, painting nails while watching Bible videos, and listening to fireworks while laying in bed at 10:30. Bet your night wasn't as exciting as that. The life of a missionary!

Oh news: It looks like Sister Brush and I are both staying in the area for another transfer! I was pretty surprised to be staying but we found 2 new investigators this week so that will give us a fresh start! (Last week our district took pictures and said goodbye because we thought half of us were leaving...turns out we are all staying, haha...)

One investigator is Ian. He is 17 and the son of a former investigator. We taught him 2 lessons on his doorstep and he is keeping commitments! Hopefully he stays solid and doesn't flake out on us. The other is Tiffany...I don't even know where to start. I guess she made a lot of progress with the missionaries before me and married the guy she was living with and was about to be baptized. But when I got here we had to drop her because she stopped progressing didn't keep her appointments with us. The other day on exchange, Sister Brush went over and asked if she wanted to take the discussions again, she said yes! What the heck?! We have an appointment with her on Saturday, I really hope she keeps it! Oh P.S. her husband came to church yesterday so things are looking good!

As we begin each year, most of us start out with a desire to improve and hope for the future. We can improve and make changes if we keep trying, keep serving, and keep Christ in our life everyday. When we have faith in the Atonement, we can change! Life is good! Happy New Year!

Sister Hilton

P.S. Don't be afraid to share this wonderful gospel with people, it changes lives, I see it everyday!

Picture 1: Saying goodbye to our district (though now we are all staying)
Picture 2: Pday bowling with my district


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