December 5, 2016


Ferndale Washington


Sister Brush

Tis the Season

I WAS ATTACKED BY AN OWL THIS WEEK! We were on our morning walk with a member in our ward, Sister Froberg. It was 6:30 am so it was still dark out and we were walking along the side of the road next to the forest when all the sudden Sister Froberg starts freaking out and yelling. Sister Brush said she saw an owl fly away! After we finally compose ourselves it came back and clawed my head!! That's when we started booking it down the street. It was quite hilarious. Turns out Sister Froberg was bleeding and got whiplash, but she is totally fine now. I had my hood on so it didn't do much damage!

Sorry I started with that, I was just so excited to tell that story. Anyway, it has been a great week! It's finally December and I couldn't be more excited about this Christmas season! I love love love seeing everyones lights and going into homes with their fireplace and Christmas tree. It is so cozy and welcoming and I love it. I love sharing the #LIGHTtheWORLD Christmas message about love and service with everyone we see! I love celebrating the birth of our Savior with the world!

Christmas really does bring warmth and joy, however, I know that it can also be a hard time of year, when we can't be with those we love, or when we wish old probems would resolve by Christmas. But when we feel these things we need to drop to our knees and pray. Pray for patience, tolerance, and forgiveness. Christ is the light of the world and I know that as we turn to the light, we will find joy! I know this because I have felt it!

I also loved the Christmas devotional last night. I loved Douglas D. Holmes talk. He said, "How strange it would be if, on Christmas morning, we sat around the Christmas tree, admired the beautifully wrapped presents, talked about what might be inside them, and then went about our day without ever opening the gifts. Unfortunately, this is what we sometimes do with God's gifts to us." He specifically talked about the gift of the Holy Ghost. The burning desire to have it, the physical commitment of baptism and the sacrament, and faith in Jesus Christ by feasting on and obeying His word, are the keys to help us receive this gift. Don't let this gift go unopened! Receive it!

Last night the sky was so clear and we could actually see stars. We stopped and stared at them for like 5 minutes. It was amazing! Also, IT'S SUPPOSE TO SNOW TODAY! Wish me luck, as I've never actually seen snowfall. I am stoked out of my mind.

I attached pictures of the Ward Christmas Party! I was on an exchange with Sister Roberts! (Sister Bird trained her too so we are sisters!)

Love to all,
Sister Hilton


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