November 21, 2016


Bellingham WA


Sister Stokes

So Much To Be Thankful For!

I should probably think of new ways to open up my letters but for now I'm gonna stick with...

Hey everyone!!

It's been a week...ADAM GOT BAPTIZED!!! It was such a special feeling seeing him walk out dressed in all white. When he walked in the water and was baptized, you could feel the spirit fill the whole room and in that moment I could feel the spirit testify to me that this really is Christ's church. His wife, Maddie, and even his 8 year old daughter, Maribel, were so emotional because of how proud they are of him! He received the gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday and I know because of that, he now will have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost as long as he is living worthily of it. He will be given comfort, guidance, protection, and inspiration! He will also have the opportunity to baptize Maribel next Sunday! What an example Adam is and what a blessing it is for his kids to grow up in the church!

Sister Bird got picked up yesterday and flies home today...SO SAD!! Our 3 pack is over!! We sat in the car and cried a few times but like whatever! God has a plan, right?! On Tuesday, I will get a new companion and take over Ferndale 2nd! So currently, Sister Stokes and I are flying solo for a few days...throwback to the MTC am I right?

Oh, this also means as of tomorrow, I am officially done with training!! That is kinda crazy.

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! This is the time of year when giving thanks is at the forefront of our minds. Our thoughts turn to Jesus Christ who atoned for our sins, who showed us the way to live, and who demonstrated by His own actions the blessings of service! So much to be thankful for!

Love you all! Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving!

Sister Bridgett Hilton


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