September 26, 2016


Ferndale Washington


Sister Bird

Just Another Day in Paradise!

Hey People.....

I don't know how to start this one so I'm just gonna jump right in.

On Saturday we went to an apple press activity with the ward. The people here are literally obsessed with fresh apple cider, which is totally justified because it's delicious. They are also really into their gardens. Everyone gives us a tour and sends us home with a bunch of fruit. I am totally okay with that. Then on Saturday night the Relief Society got together at our bishops house to watch the General Women's Broadcast and eat dinner after. How cute is this ward? Anyway, the speakers were great but the overall thing I got from it is that God will not abandon us, have faith, and knock more than once!

Ok good news, Savannah, one of our investigators came to church this Sunday and brought her 6 year old daughter Ashlyn! We weren't sure if she would actually come without her boyfriend but she did and we were so happy for her! They both liked it and Ashlyn wants to be in the primary program! Woohoo!

Another investigator we have is Dena. She is 17 and Russian! We keep meaning to get a picture with her, I'll send one soon. Anyway she is so awesome, loves learning, and has so many questions. She has half siblings on mission and lives with her mom, step-dad, and little sister who are all non-members! She is planning on inviting them to take the missionary discussions with her! Dena is planning on getting baptized in December! We are so excited for her! We had a lesson with her at a members home this week. She kept saying how much she loved their home. Beside the fact that it is huge and beautiful, you can really feel the spirit there. Dena definitely felt that!

I almost forgot! Yesterday we had a lesson with a 10 year old boy Cody. His family is active he just never got baptized. So we were teaching about the restoration and we asked him what we knew about Joseph Smith. The conversation went a little like this...
"So Cody, what do you know about Joseph Smith?"
"...Oh he died"!
"Ok, what else?"
"He was put in Liberty jail because he believed in Jesus!"
"Yes, what about before that?"
The kid was not picking up on our hints. Then his brother chimes in and says "oh I got this, he went to the woods to pray and saw God!" Finally we were going in the direction we intended. That is maybe one of those "you had to be there moments" but we though it was pretty funny.

Anyway, I am so excited for general conference this weekend! It's weird for me to say that because in the past I wouldn't really have felt this way! Everyone watch it with a notebook and pen in hand and write the things the spirit teaches you!

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Sister Hilton


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