October 3, 2016


Ferndale Washington


Sister Bird

Happy Fog-Tober

Happy October! It is super foggy in the morning here, hence the subject line. A whole lot happened this week so I would just like to apologize in advance for this scattered letter.

So first, we did a lot of service this week, it was awesome! On Friday we stained a fence for 5 hours. Literally 5. My hand was cramping but it's okay because it was actually fun and we got to talk to the husband who isn't a member so I would say we used that time effectively. Also, I am very much a city girl but we spent hours on Saturday working on a farm! It probably won't be a career path for my future but it was an experience. Plus, I got pictures with a goat so I'd call it a win. Lastly, on Wednesday we helped renovate a house for a family whose 5-year-old daughter has brain cancer and only 2 months to live. I am amazed at how they are handling the situation. Because of their knowledge of the gospel, they are able to have some peace and comfort knowing where their daughter will be after this life.

Tuesday was kinda crazy. During companionship study we get a call from Suzanne, who runs the food bank and is a convert but less active. She asks us to come down to the food bank to pray with her because she is very worried for her daughter who has been having serious drug problems. We talked for a while and it was a heavy morning but after we prayed the mood lightened. After that our mission president and his wife came up to Ferndale! President did service with some elders and Sister Wilding came out proselyting with us! It was way fun having her with us we love her! She sat in a lesson with Savannah and Christian and we talked about the sacrament and watched the video Always Remember Him. It's such a good video, watch it!

Last Monday, Sister Bird and I went to Winco, to do our weekly shopping, we walked down the produce aisle, looked up, and saw friends from back home who I've known forever, Sandie Brummett and her daughter Lisa! I mean seriously, what are the chances of that happening?! It was way fun to see familiar faces. She just kept hugging me and hugging me. Sister Bird took a picture of the three of us and Sandie put it on Facebook for everyone to see. She was so nice and told Sister Bird and I to go get our groceries and she would pay for them. How awesome is that? Blessings that day for sure!

Ok General Conference!! I noticed several talks were focused on missionary work, which I loved! There is so much to say and so little time today (I also left my notes at home so I might have to share more next week) but I am so grateful for all the messages we heard this weekend!

Again, sorry for the randomness of this letter, I hope you all have a great week!

Sister Hilton


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