October 10, 2016


Ferndale Washington


Sister Bird

Little Miracles & 2 Months

Hello everyone! I have officially been out 2 months!

News: Sister Bird has been assigned to be a Sister Training Leader! It is also her last transfer so this next month is going to be crazy!

So because she is a Sister Training Leader, she had to go down to Mill Creek for a meeting so I spent Friday with the Spanish-speaking sisters! I guess my 4 years of Spanish class paid off a little bit because I actually understood quite a bit of what they were saying! However, when we went to a lesson, I kind of got the general gist of what was going on, but I basically stood there smiling and nodding. I was really impressed with them though because they tried giving this couple a Book of Mormon 3 times, every time they said no, but they were persistent and didn't give up after the first try!

We had to get our car fixed this same day and it took three hours, we were also like an hour or more away from home, so we didn't get to our area until later that night. We also hadn't eaten dinner yet so we decide to stop at Chipotle next to the mall. It had been a long day so when we were walking across the parking lot we had to let loose a bit. I guess you could say we were quite...lively, still dignified, but very cheerful. This extremely cool Jamaican man walks up to us and laughs with us. We probably have a 60 second exchange where he said he loves going to churches and when and where ours is! Sunday rolls around and HE SHOWS UP! Are you serious? He is so friendly and talked with everyone. He even stayed for the class Sister Bird and I were teaching! He participated so much and obviously loved the class. He said what drew him in that night was our positive, bubbly attitude and he just wanted to be around us! He said he is going to come to church again next week! Little miracles!

Funny Story: So on Thursday we go to this little white house because someone told us to go see the people who live there. We knock on the door and this guy, maybe 26, answers the door (not who we were expecting). He is super nice, tells us he lives with his younger brother, invites us in, but we can’t go in because we can’t be alone with one guy. So we talk at the doorstep for maybe 5 minutes and talk to him about the church but he basically says he is not interested. We leave him our contact info just in case he changes his mind. We leave and that’s that. THEN Friday night 7:30 pm we get a call from this guy! He’s not drunk but maybe has some "liquid courage" and asks us what we are doing. We are like, well we are traveling home (we are like an hour away from home) then we are gonna go to bed. He is like "what? Going to bed!" no, do you wanna come dancing with my brother and me?! Hahaha…. we obviously had to let him down softly but it was hilarious. I can’t get asked out at home but I talk with a guy for 5 minutes and that does it LOL!

Lesson learned for the week is that we really do make an impression on everyone we meet, so make a good one! Have a great week!

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