November 7, 2016


Bellingham WA


Sisters Bird & Stokes

What Day Is It?!

Hi everyone!

I'll be honest, I don't really know what to say, this week was kind of a blur...

Today for our P-Day we are going to Birch Bay with a member! We are gonna do a nature walk by the beach then eat dinner over there! I am excited to go walking by the beach! You know how I love the beach!
DAYLIGHT SAVINGS! literally never had to deal with that before. but we got an extra hour of sleep! WOOHOO!! the alarm went off and Birdy was like "did we set that to go off an hour later?" BEST FEELING EVER to go back to sleep!

I am still in a threesome with Sisters Stokes and Bird. Because of this we moved to the Bellingham apartment, it has two bathrooms! We will continue to be a threesome until Sister Bird goes home on November 21st. I am going to miss Birdy so much. I love her lots and we all have tons of fun together. When she goes home I will most likely go back to Ferndale with a new comp and Sister Stokes will stay in Bellingham with a new companion. I have been lucky to have totally awesome companions so far. I’ve been spoiled.
But hey, this week we went on a 48-hour exchange because STL life is crazy. Sister Stokes, Hoch, and I went to some random apartment complex to tract but it looked kinda sketch. There were tables and chairs chained to the ground. We didn't stay very long :)​​​​

On Sunday morning before church, we walked to our investigators house, Savannah and Christian. It was about 10 am and when we knocked, no one answered. We knocked like four more times until Christian finally came to the door. Persistence am I right? We asked if he was going to go to church and he said NO! Ugh, he is being stubborn. He knows the gospel is true and he knows what he should be doing, he is just not willing to change. This experience reminded me of a quote I read a few weeks ago in The Ricciardi Letter, "What the outside world sees as brainwashing, the Lord sees as striving for something so important that one would shun the vices of the world to not lose the privilege of serving a mission. (or to not lose the blessings of the gospel).

Update: Joshua and Adam are on date for November 19th! Then the week after is Cody and hopefully Adam's daughter, Maribel! Good things are happening!

I'm sorry for the short email but I love you all and hope you have a great week! Please send me letters. Missionaries love letters! My address is included.

Love Sister HIlton


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