October 31, 2016


Bellingham WA


Sisters Bird & Stokes

Three's A Party!

Hello people!

This has been the craziest week of my life. With two companions and two wards, we haven't had time to study, let alone unpack. We have back to back lessons, meetings, and exchanges. When I first got here, our ward mission leader told us that he wants us to be so busy that we don't even know what day of the week it is...I haven't known what day it is all week.

Tuesday night, Sister Bird finally got back to our apartment in Ferndale after an exchange at 9:30, way too late, and realized that we had to at least pack an over night bag and our bedding so we could go to the Bellingham apartment for the night because that is where the 3rd bed is. At the end of it all, we didn't get home until 10:30, and found the Bellingham car in our parking spot. The assistants had taken the keys, so we had to park in a random neighborhood across the street, And then because, you know, three's a party and we were all amped up on nervous energy, we stayed up talking probably until 3:30 am.

So the other night we had a lesson with Joshua. He is an investigator from the Bellingham 1st ward, my second area. Sister Stokes and her companion were teaching him, but then he went to jail for a month because of drugs, and he just got out a couple days ago! Anyway, half way through the lesson he was like "ok so when can I get baptized and what do I need to know/do before that?" Those are a missionaries favorite words. Long story short, he is on date to be baptized on November 12th! Yay! He is the coolest.

Other News: Adam is on date for November 19th! Our visits with him and his family are great and he is so ready! ALSO, update on Rohan, our Jamaican friend! We hadn't heard from him all week, then he randomly called and set up an appointment. Then the day of the appointment, we called and texted a few times, but no response. Our lesson was set for 8:00, and at 8:15 he texted us and said see you there. We freaked out and quickly drove to meet him! The lesson was good, we watched the restoration video! We invited a member from the ward to be there and his testimony really helped invite the spirit! As we were walking out, Rohan sees the members King James Version of the Bible. He grabs it out of his hands, hugs it, pats it, yells "this is my BABY!" and then kisses it. Highlight of the evening right there.

I have compiled a list of our investigators: Joshua, Adam, Savannah, Rohan, Kilee, Cody, Conrad, and Dena!

P.S. We had dinner with a Pagan this week. She showed us her altar and lit candles. It was an experience. But fear not, she didn't perform a ritual.

Love you all,
Sister Hilton


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