October 24, 2016


Ferndale Washington


Sister Bird

Plot Twist


So yeah, this week was kinda crazy. We had to go on a couple of unexpected exchanges and TODAY during companionship study, we get a call from our mission president and he asks to talk to Sister Bird because she is the Sister Training Leader. Prepare yourselves: Sister Stokes is going to 3 pack with us! Her companion is being emergency transferred, so for the next three weeks, the three of us will be companions and cover two wards! On top of all that, Sister Bird has to go on a bunch of exchanges because she is an STL, so we are going to be super busy. Luckily the three of us get along so well, the hard part will be making sure we stay focused during companionship study. #AdventureAwaits

In other news...WE GOT A NEW INVESTIGATOR! Here's how it went down: A couple weeks ago, we went to visit a part member family, the wife, Maddie, has been active for the past two months. Her daughter, Maribel, is 8 and wants her dad to baptize her, but he obviously can't because he is not a member. Maddie told us she would like for her husband, Adam, to be invited to church. We said we could have that arranged. The next day, our ward mission leader, Brother Walton, visited them and had an awesome interaction with Adam. A few days after that, the Pratt's (Maddie's aunt and uncle) fasted for missionary opportuinities. Next thing we know, we get a text from Brother Walton saying Adam wants to take the missionary discussions and we have a lesson set up for Friday! The lesson went so well! We taught the restoration at the Pratt's. Everyone was involved, Maribel asked questions, Maddie shared her testimony, and Adam agreed to be baptized!! Then they all came to church as a family. They will probs live happily ever after in eternity. The gospel is so good.

Side note: The other day we made THE best chocolate chip cookies with a member. She puts Symphony bars in them! They are basically the best things ever created and I will be making them for the rest of my life. We have been taking them to investigators, and less-active members!

That's all I got for this week, still kind of freaking out about all this change happening. It will be an adventure! Have a great week!

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