January 8, 2018


Lynden Washington


Sister Knaphus

Expect the Unexpected

Sooooo I have been temporarily moved to Thomas Lake. I don't have details. I'll just update ya on the week.

My comps right now are Sisters Lund and Murdock. Sister Lund is super similar to my trainer so it's kind of hilarious. We were talking about the coldest mission in the world (somewhere in Canada). Here are some fun facts I learned: If you go outside in -40 Celsius your eye balls will freeze over, your skin will start to die, and your wet hair will break off. Story time: Sister Clark was telling us about how two sisters were serving in this mission. One was training the other. The trainee told her comp she was all ready to go but her hair was still wet. Her trainer told her to blow dry it but she refused because she wanted to go out already. Well, they opened the door, stepped outside, and her hair immediately broke off by the ears. They spent the rest of the day looking for someone to fix her hair. Lessons learned: 1. Listen to your trainer. 2. Don't go to Canada.

In other news, I met some of their investigators which was cool. Dropped some others. Knocked doors in the rain. Walked around. Just your classic missionary work.

Sorry friends, out of time. Have a great week.


Our apartment is always freezing.
The glowing light is a happy light.
Knaphus dared me to lick a cinnamon gum wrapper and stick it to my forehead. The burning was real.
I am a master at this hover board.
Vid to come next week.


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