January 2, 2018


Lynden Washington


Sister Knaphus

Happy Christmas, New Year, My Birthday and We Had an Ice Storm

LONG TIME NO SEE FRIENDS. Obvi couldn't email on Christmas and New Year's Day so suffice it to say, a lot has happened, I have so many emails, and basically no time. ROCK ON.

First things first. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Sister K and I rang in the new year with pop rocks and a fort. (pop rocks since you know, missionaries can't have fireworks but we have an explosion in our mouths) 🎆
We also had our Half Mission Christmas Conference on my birthday! Kicked the day off with breakfast in bed-egg nog french toast (thanks Knaphus). Then road tripped down to Mount Vernon! K and I got convinced to do a musical number yet again but it turned out good. It was really fun! We did it with the Hermanas and an elder. To conclude the conference, we got to watch a movie! Ephraim's Rescue. There was popcorn and snacks and beverages and it was the dream. President even ran in front of the screen during the "kissing scene". What a guy. By the time we got back, we only had time for dinner so we went to Coconut Kenny's with our ward mission leader and his wife! They even got me a balloon and an ice cream cake. Nuff said.

For Christmas Eve, we ate snacks ant watched a movie in our Christmas pj's. A member (Sister Anderson) gave us the softest blankets that I have EVER experienced and she made my mom's cheese dip. CHEESE DIP! We ate it everyday for a week. Christmas Day was p-day so we had a chill morning, made breakfast, called home, ate dinner, opened presents with the Payne's, and played games!

For the New Year, well I already explained that a bit but we also had dinner with a couple that really wanted us over because they have bad New Year's memories (alcoholic parents). We played games and it was really fun! We played Settler's of Cataan and it's basically my favorite thing right now. We spent p-day at a game store playing that and Ticket to Ride. Then last night we were so desperate that we talked about making the game out of paper and tape. Then I had the thought to ask our neighbor's, the Black's. THEY HAD IT. We ran over so quick and they just left it on the door step. They know what's up.

I also cannot fail to mention the raging ice storm that fell upon us. We didn't drive our car for several days and the ground was PURE ice. I'm shocked I didn't fall and break my neck. There were broken branches everywhere and pretty much the whole town lost power for days. Expect us. The Lord doth provide. (even though I secretly wanted to lose it). It got to the point where our zone leaders told us that it the weather stays this bad to just use our best judgement and stay inside if we need to. Good news is: it's sunny again and the roads are drive-able. Woohoo.

That was a lot of detail about nonsense but for those of you who care, There ya go. Considering the holidays and raging ice storms, the work has been pretty slow. Cindy and Shala have been sick for weeks and finding new people has been a challenge. Since, however, the holidays are over and the weather is somewhat normal, for now, we are hoping things will pick back up!

Have a great week. Maintain your resolutions for at least a few more days. See ya next week!



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