December 18, 2017


Lynden Washington


Sister Knaphus

Exchanges & Things

Ok people. T-minus 3 days until my birthday and 7 until Christmas. It is going to be a great week.

In other news, I went on my first exchange as an STL on Saturday! Why we chose to exchange on a Saturday, I'll never know. I went to the Bellingham YSA ward with Sister Porter. We tracted for like 2 hours and walked around for hours too. It's safe to say I'm sore from all the hills. #notashamed. We talked to everyone outside and told them all about Light the World. OH MY GOSH I ALMOST FORGOT. We were tracting an apartment complex and we were all the way up at the 4th floor. We knocked on this door and this older Indian woman answered. She obviously didn't speak english so she opened the door wider so we could speak to the woman on the couch. As we were finishing up, she slowly closed the door while staring into the depths of our souls. All the sudden she yelled something in some other language and slammed the door. I have never been more terrified.

We also knocked on a door that had fun Christmas singing lights on the door. They weren't interested but they let us listen to their song for a while. That was exciting.

We had a lesson with Shala again this week! We watched the Restoration video with her and her kids and she loved it! She even asked to keep it for a bit longer so she could watch it again. She isn't super sure of anything yet but has an open heart and mind and is willing to learn and read and pray. That's what counts! She will get there.

Cindy was sick this week so no lesson or church. We brought her some cheesy church movies to pass the time.

Christmas came early this year friends. We were eating dinner with the Frumps, an older couple, and they said Santa came to their house. They had us go over to their tree and there were like 1,000 presents under it. We thought it was for their kids or something but when we got close, we realized our names we on all of them! BLESS THEIR SOULS WOW. We are opening one a day until Christmas. I love people.

I HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS. Remember why we celebrate. I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the world and through him, we can find light, hope, and peace.

Fam: See ya in 7.

Light the World Day 18."Forgive men their trespasses." Matthew 6:14

Also, I have been meaning to share this Bible video for a while now and keep forgetting. It has nothing to do with anything but it is one of my faves. Check it.

I FOUND MY VAMPIRE FANGS FROM LAST HALLOWEEN. (K helped me clean out my suitcases because they were bursting and now they are empty) (she thinks I'm a hoarder) (probs slightly true)

She was trying to teach me how to cross my eyes. The result? I still can't do it and my eye balls hurt.​


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