December 17, 2017

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Happy 21st Birthday!!

Hey Bridge, 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Twenty one years old!! I can't believe that you are a full fledged grown up person. Honestly Bridgett I couldn't have asked for a better daughter. You have been my constant companion for twenty one years.  You are perfect in every way. You came straight from heaven into our home and have been pure joy from day one. What a privilege it is to be your mom. I love you madly and am so very proud of the woman that you are. 

I kind of have a a lot to say today as it has been another eventful week around here. First things first. we had a visit from the McGurr's. She texted me on Monday night and said that they were in town for their sons graduation and wanted to stop by. That was an unexpected surprise. We decided to meet on Wednesday. They came over around 6:00. She came in first and gave me the biggest hug like we were best friends or something, it was sweet, then he came in and shook my hand. Their son was with them too. We sat and just started chatting. They told me what an amazing missionary you are and how much they enjoy you and all you do. She kept saying that we looked and sounded alike. We talked about how funny you are and how they appreciate your sarcastic wit. Haha.... whatevs. He is super attractive by the way. Anyway they stayed for about a half hour maybe forty five minutes and then they left. Before they left we took some pics in front of the tree and outside in front of the house. It was way fun just getting to talk with someone who sees you every day. 

On Tuesday I got an email from the Washington Everett Mission. It was your travel itinerary!! WTH.... You are scheduled to come home on Monday, February 26th arriving into Phoenix at 12:03 PM. Can I tell you that I have looked at that email about a thousand times already. I am so excited to see you I can hardly stand it. I know that you probs have mixed feelings about coming home which is perfectly normal but we are all pretty stoked around here. Everyone is taking off work so that we can greet you properly at the airport. Woot woot!! 

Saturday I got up early as I had to get my hair cut at 9:00 am. It looks cute but is pretty short. I am kind of wanting to grow it out but what a nightmare that will be. I am kind of bored with it. I am sure its a phase and I will change my mind tomorrow. Anyway, when i was leaving I booked an appointment for you! You are scheduled for Sat, Mar 4th at 12:00. She booked you for the whole afternoon cause I told her that you'd want the works! Plus she figured we'd have lots to talk about. After hair I went and finished up my Christmas shopping plus bought a little bag of happy for myself. I bought some jeans and three shirts. I always feel like a frumpy dump so I treated myself. Merry early Christmas to me!! From there I went grocery shopping (always a highlight). I was literally gone pretty much all day! I put all the groceries away and then got ready for my work Christmas party at my bosses house. It started at 7:30. Dad and I got there about 8:00 and said we'd stay an hour. We stayed two. It was more fun than I expected. Steph and Darian were there so we kind of just found a spot outside by the heat lamps and just hung there. They think dad is funny and so he pretty much provided the entertainment for them. He really didn't do anything but they think he's funny so whatevs. I came home, put on my jammies and watched a Christmas movie. 

Sunday morning bright and early (8:00 am) I went to hear Hailey give her homecoming talk. I was not prepared for how emotional I would be seeing her. For some odd reason I just hugged her for like ever and got teary eyed. Weird. Anyway, she looks really good, her hair is long and dark. She spoke about 15 minutes on the topic of the atonement. I wish that they wouldn't give missionaries topics but instead just let you talk about your mission. Back in the day that is how they did it. The missionary would literally have the whole sacrament to themselves to just report on and talk about their experiences. I really like that. That is what everyone really wants to hear anyway. She did talk a little bit about what it is like to be a missionary on temple square as it is different that most missions. She was very articulate and well spoken, she did a great job. All the clique was there of course. Nicole was there too. I talked with her a bit. She is studying communications at ASU and works for the airlines and loves it. I told her that you were wanting to do that when you get home. She said that it is a fun job but that it is a process to get hired. I am going to do some research and see. She (Hailey) said that she was excited for you and Annie to get home and be reunited again. So bummed that I didn't get a pic for you. By the time I remembered I was already in the car heading home. Sorry.  The advantage of going to early church like that is that I was done and home by 9:30. I made breakfast for me and dad, wrapped some presents and then took a nap. My favorite Sunday activity as you know. 

To close out my letter I will end with this little tidbit: Kindness is free, sprinkle that stuff everywhere!

Happy birthday again my beautiful Bridgett. We will be thinking of you and sending love your way.

Mommy 💜

Pic #1 - Me bell ringing for the Salvation Army (ugh)
Pic #2 - The girls at the party
Pic #3 - Mad and Cat
Pic #4 - Why isn't my double chin as cute as Mad's?
Pic #5 - Madsie decided she needed to feed her baby!

On Mon, Dec 18, 2017 at 11:55 AM Bridgett Hilton <> wrote:

I'm almost 21, isn't this ridiculous?!?!

How fun was it to have the McGirr's over?! We went over last night and they told us about it too. Will you send all the pics she sent you? Including the one of K and I?


Haha I think it is hilarious that you scheduled my hair but. IM STOKED.

So her talk was good huh? Is she normal now or still awkward at public speaking? An RM here has to speak about the Atonement on Sunday as well. Whatever.


Love you bye!

PS. Those pics are HILARIOUS!!!!!


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