December 10, 2017

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Tamara Hilton

Eventful Week - Tis The Season!

Hey there Bridgett,

How are things in Lynden this week? I bet you have been busy with the added responsibilities of being a Sister Training Leader. I look forward every week to hearing about your adventures with your gators and now with the sisters that you lead. You are kind of a cool chill girl that just rolls with the punches and deals with whatever is thrown at you.I have no doubt that you are a great leader and a shining example to the sister missionaries.

We have had quite an eventful week for a change. Tis the season I guess. Tuesday night was the relief society Christmas dinner. Usually I don't go to those things but since dad was providing the entertainment I of course had to go. It was at Sister Wallentine's house. Dad and Kathy Willis transformed a section of the back yard to resemble an old fashioned living room to go along with the theme of Home for the Holidays. We ate soup in bread bowls (super cliche) and salads. They also had a hot chocolate bar and cheesecake. Food was good. The entertainment was fantastic! The ladies sang beautifully and of course dad was the man behind the curtain running the lighting and sound. They all did a great job and I think that the sisters in the ward really liked the program. 

Wednesday I had activity days with my little girls. We made a Christmas ornament and decorated sugar cookies and drank hot chocolate. It was fun but 25 girls mixed with paint and sprinkles is a lot! 

Friday was Bryce's birthday and as usual we had the family over for chicken alfredo and cheesecake. Bryce likes what he likes and his requests are pretty simple. Everyone came including Mike. We had a nice time just eating and hanging out watching the girls play. Mads was in rare form and running around here like she owns the place. We all just get out of her way and let her go. She is super fun and even Bryce interacted with her. It was cute. Cat is starting to smile now and is really just the sweetest. We had a good night. Missed you of course but that goes without saying.
On Friday I received an email from the mission office! I about died when I saw it. It was from Sister Shupe. She wanted to let me know that you would be coming home on Feb 27th and needed to know what airport you would be flying into as she is making your travel arrangements. She also wondered if we had moved or changed stake presidents. I filled her in on the details of our new stake changes. It is getting real up in here!! Hailey is home on Wednesday! I will go to her homecoming too. 

Saturday morning Shaun and Cecile brought the girls over to have dad take some pics of them for their Christmas card. They were dressed in ugly sweaters! It took 4 adults practically standing on our heads to get some pics. It was pretty funny and I am sure that we looked like fools but the pics turned out cute. After the photo shoot I went and got my nails done. I had black polish on and was pretty much over that, now I have a pretty red for Christmas (I know pretty cliche). After nails I hit the mall determined to get my shopping done. The traffic was crazy, the stores were packed and people were just everywhere. It was loud and busy and I was gone for several hours. Still not completely done but made a huge dent. Couple more after work trips and then a stop at the UPS store to ship yours and I'm all done. 

Today dad and I drove to Scottsdale to attend Sister Brush's homecoming talk. She was quite surprised to see us there as I am sure she had no idea that we would come. It was so good to see her. I felt like I knew her because of all the pics you sent and the things that you told me about her. She gave a good talk but really didn't have enough time. The stinking speakers who spoke before her took so much time. I personally thought that was not cool since most people want to hear a missionary speak. Apparently her family moved to Scottsdale while she was serving so she really didn't know a soul except her family at church. I think that would stink and I felt kind of bad for her. I promise we won't up and move on you. Haha....After church we found a Mexican food place to eat called Salt & Lime. We shared some fajitas and they were the freaking bomb! When we got home I took a little power nap and them made some molasses cookies. Yum!

That's it Bridgett, that is all I've got. We will visit more during our chat session. Can't wait. 

Love you,
Mommy 💜
Pic #1 - Tree
Pic #2 - Stockings (used one of yours for Cat, gotta get her one)
Pic #3 - Us with Sister Brush (either I am way huge or she is super tiny)!
Pic #4 - Sister's Brush and Skousen (do you know her, Brush sent it to me)
Pic #5 - Bryce on his birthday
Pic #6 - Baby Catherine
Pic #7 - Bryce more birthday
Pic #8 - More birthday
Pic #9 - House lights
Pic #10 - Kathy Willis doing her thing
Pic #11 - The setup
Pic #12 - The Christmas card

P.S. I just saw on insta that Susie Baker has filled out her mission papers and will be submitting them in 26 days. 

On Mon, Dec 11, 2017 at 10:52 AM, Bridgett Hilton <> wrote:

Wow so many things! How fun!

Their Christmas card is so cute!!! Cat already looks different and that pic in the top of Mad is my fav. Also really like the pic of you holding her. I didn't know our tree was multi-colored?

I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU SAW BRUSH. THOUGHTS?? Cute dress btw. And don't worry. She is TINY. She wears size 0 and xs. Youth clothes even.


K calls me Sista Chill

See you in chat. Bye.


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