June 27, 2016



week 5 Norway

Ok I am sure that is getting really old that I keep saying it was such an awesome week and that so much happened I dont know where to start but its true I really cant explain it in words!

So this last week we had a mini missionary with us from Norway she was so cool and we learned so much from her!! The members here in Norway are incredible and just so strong in their testimonies and willingness to do missionary work! I learn so much from them! We had a lot of fun having her with us!! On our P-day we went shopping a little bit and I found a fish shirt for 50 kroner or like 5 dollars from H & M which I found out is actually originally a Norwegian store! It made me so happy becuase its like I can have fish shirt friday again!! Also we went on a hike in søgne with Seif our new convert who is hilarious and just is so cool! We also were with a family in our ward we ate tacos except for with hot dogs haha weird but good! I was asked to give a spiritual thought so I hurried and looked for a scripture and found the one that says feast on the words of christ for they are the words of eternal life, and in norwegian I said I really love food but the scriptures are really good too and we can feast upon them and when we learn more about them they are even better than the best food we could think of. SO it totally made sense except for I found out afterward that the norsk version of that scripture doesnt translate directly so they all just thought I was obsessed with food hahah!! Good times with the language fails haha!!!

We also taught a new investigator named Ernesto who is from Cuba!! It was really cool because he didnt believe in God at all but then we talked about the plan of salvation and he wants to learn more now!! He is just 17 and I met him on the bus!! it really is crazy how 30 seconds on a bus can change someones life!!!

On tuesday we helped MAla and her family with their new restaurant they are from nepal and man can she cook!! We helped her put together a chandelier and there were no directions so that was,, Interesting haha!!

We also went back to søgne to meet up with a family we met banking( knocking on doors) and it was really cool they are muslim but they really liked learning about Christ and their little girl gave me an art project from school. She literally melts my heart.

Then we went up to Oslo for zone conference which was so cool!!! We learned a lot from Elder Kearon about how to be better missionaries and I had a really neat experience because we were talking about how important it is to have a change of heart and Elder Kearon pointed at me and said you have had a change of heart havent you? and I was just like wow how did you know? It really is true from the MTC till now I have really just found out how incredible the gospel really is and how much I have taken it for granted It is really humbling to see the gospel change people and to see them become so happy!

Oh another funny contacting story so sister top and I were talking to this man and he said that he wasnt interested in god because he believed in Jimmy Hendricks and Rock. So he gave us a guitar pick and we had a good laugh!! He was so cool though. We told him that if another missionary stops him that he should think again about God and he said ok, deal! HAHA

Friday was so crazy because my companion stayed back in oslo and sister top and I came to kristiansand for the day! She is 17 and so it was really challenging to lead the area and to be the one leading the lessons and so forth! But it was a good experience and even though we missed a lot of busses and were late to a lot of things everything ended up working out in the end! HAHA

We went up to birkeland again and taught Erik who is just the greatest and he is thinking about baptism and it is just so cool because a few weeks ago he didnt believe in God. I know that there are such things as miracles and to see the impact Christ is having in his life is really incredible. Also Erik tells the best stories. He told us his version of Adam and Eve and lets just say that he has a future in telling stories hahah!!

Also Taieb from Sudan is getting baptized and he just makes me so happy!!! He is so funny and he will just call us and say tank du tank du sosters. He never stops smiling and the spirit is so strong when we teach him. Also when he lived in sudan he ran a banana shop and had a pet monkey which is basically the coolest thing ever!!!

This is my last week with søster carpenter and I am super sad about that but we go up to oslo again to get greenie training then I will be in kristiansand again with a new companion who will finish training me for 6 weeks and then I am finished with training and have the potential to train someone else.

Everything is going really great and I break a rib about everyother day from laughing so hard and we are just loving teaching and finding people who are ready to learn about Christ its the best!!!


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