June 26, 2016



week 4 Norway

Wow this week goes down as probably one of the best weeks of my life! I dont even know where to begin! I just am so glad to be here in Norway and missions are really the coolest things in the whole world. I dont know what I was waiting for I am just amazed at how great it is to serve a mission! I was studying like the usual. And Søster Carpenter and I were talking about how we are witnessing of Christ. And we realized it isn't so much that we can tell people and witness that Christ is real but that we get to witness people finding Christ and it is truly the most amazing thing!

Last Tuesday we taught Benjamin he is 10 and was recently baptized! We were teaching him about repentence and last week we taught about choices so he still had some smiley face stickers I gave him. And the whole lesson he just kept putting stickers all over his face haha! After we were done his dad looked at him weird like oh my.. and I said Benjamin just feels really good about repentence! hahah Also we went to Arendale!! it was so beautiful and just like didnt feel real because I am still not convinced that there is a place as beautiful as norway and that I am actually here. But on our way out of arendale from a meeting there was this person decked out in there cultural indian stuff and was playing the wind pipe flute thing that they have but they were doing remixes of common songs it was pretty flipping sweet!

Wednesday was probably one of the greatest days of my life! It started with me eating this NASTY mint I bought from the store thinking it would be safe. Yeah original does not mean safe in norwegian! It tasted like 100 halls cough drops in one tiny mint mixed with cayenne pepper. it was just awful. But like a champ I finished it and now I am conviced that it is a good luck charm because so many cool things happened on wednesday! So later on in the day I was on the bus and I sat next to this 17 or so year old who had Down Syndrome. You all know how they melt my heart. And he spoke norsk which just made it better. So I said Heisann kan jeg sitter har. And he shyly looked at me and said Ja. So the busses in norway are always quiet because no one talks on the bus. But I do haha! So I sat with him and the bus was crowded. But it got peoples attention that I was talking and to this particular angel. So I just asked him what he liked to do and what not and told him that he looked competive and asked if he wanted to have a thumb war so we had a thumb war for a few minutes. the punk cheated so bad. He is a champ and impossible to beat haha but I looked up and everyone was staring at us. And smiling! It was pretty cool! Afterward we met up with this girl who we met in the street earlier in the week and she was incredible we taught her about the restoration and she said wow this all feels right and I really believe its true! That doesnt just happen! We taught her two lessons in an hour and we are pretty sure she will want to be baptized! It was seriously a miracle! Oh an Seif a new convert made us some food from syria its call harissa or semolina cake! I highly recommend you try making it! It was so good!

On Friday we taught Aryan and Jasmine from Nepal and the little boy said the sweetest prayer I have ever heard. He said God I hope that you are happy in heaven and that you have a good life up there. then when he blessed the food he said please help us have food even if we dont have money. It was so sweet! Then the girl jasmine gave us some soap she bought us. She said I used all my allowance to buy you this. It was really humbling!! they are 11 and 9 so CUTE!!

Sunday we taught Erik again and he said he would be baptized!!!! WOOOWW so many miracles!!!!!


When you say you wish you could marry Ammon
When you laugh about the face someone pulls during a spiritual prayer on our training video and knock the dvd player down
When you accidentally enjoy the best two years sound track someone help me
when you would rather not wear pants because it feels weird hahah


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