June 26, 2016



week 3 Norway

I can not believe it has been a month since I have been in Kristiansand time is going by so fast!!!!

This week went by sooo fast! We have been really busy and we are teaching a lot of people! There are a couple of people that we are teaching who are preparing to be baptized which is really exciting!! Taieb is this really amazing man from Africa and just melts our hearts! He clicks his tongue when he agrees or understands something and Søster Carpenter sometimes do it out of habit haha!!

So last Monday I went on my first official hike in Norway it was so beautiful and like a boss I brought my hammock! A couple of new converts came with us and I will try to upload the picture of them hahah too precious!! Also later that night the coolest thing happened. We were out in this beautiful neighborhood and we went to try to find this family we spoke with earlier from Colombia but there was no way to ring their door bell it was painted over and everything so we went around back and asked the guys painting the house if they knew them and he was yeah thats my family up there wanna come in and we were like yeah!!! So we went up and the wife remembered us and was like well do you want to sit down and talk and Søster Carpenter and I were just like what the heck is happening we are teaching a family right now! They have two little girls and they are adorable. We taught them just a little and asked them to read a pamphlet about the Restoration. They asked us to come back again the next week so we will see them again tonight. It was just so awesome!!!

Wednesday we met with this guy who had the cutest dog and we taught him about prayer. He does not really believe in a God but he was curious so we taught him and it was just really amazing because he said he wanted to read the Book of Mormon. He had to put his dog down and it just really breaks my heart because Pascal was his best bud. He asked us if he could have a hug and that was kind of a funny moment that I like to call a nun moment cause we were just like uhh... sorry we actually cant hahah

We also taught a couple of boys that day who were recently baptized and we taught the plan of salvation to 10 year old benjamin it was cute and we made him a sticker chart for his good actions he was pretty excited to see how many he could get! Also they had a rottweiler that ran out when we got there that about scared the pee out of me. Ok Ok I peed a little. HAHA its name was nikita and she was a BEAST!! They lived in the most beautiful place I have ever seen right outside of Kristiansand!!
Oh and then Maria this investigator from Denmark who also happens to be a culinary student made us the MOST Delicious food I have ever eaten. We will Be friends. Forever. Also we taught about eternal families and I just wanted to cry because that is just the coolest thing ever!!

Friday and Saturday we had Sister Training Leaders over and that was super cool Søster Horner and Randall leave Norway in the next week and it was really awesome getting to learn from them. I spend Friday with Søster Horner and we had such a great time! She plays the ukelele and we just talked to EVERYONE! We got so many phone numbers and potential meetings it was the coolest! Also we rode the bus to try and meet up with someone but they didnt show so we knocked on the door to this african family with THE CUTEST little girl I have ever seen and She asked us all the questions we usually beg to answer! The mom said we could come back another day and teach them!! It was amazing!

Also we went to the Svendsons who live in my dream house and met with Erik again and had the most delicious meal. I just sat there and was confused again if I am really in Norway! It seriously is a dream here! Erik is really funny and he is trying to figure out if he believes in a God or not, He says he is trying to reconnect the wifi. Also we compared the restoration of the gospel to a car and I said that God was a master mechanic who could restore any car.. or church. Well it is true!!!

I love you all and I am so grateful for so many wonderful friends I think and pray for each of you always!!


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