June 8, 2016



Week 2 Norway

Heisann!! I cant even start to think what I should write! We have seen so many crazy miracles this week that I think if I wrote them all I would be at next P day! Ok thats a little dramatic but what can you do! hahah

I want to start with some funny and awkward stories because those are the most entertaining to read about anyways.

So basically I do my best to only speak Norsk to people. And I usually can convince them that I know Norwegian for a couple minutes but then it goes down hill really fast because they talk so fast!!! But I have had some funny contacting stories with it!

So Søster Carpenter and I were out doing our thing talking to people about the gospel at the university and we stopped this kid to ask him what he believed about God and religion and stuff. Then he started asking questions about mormons because he had heard some things and he was convinved that we were not allowed to swim!! hahah we had a good laugh about it after! They actually teach the students about mormons and they have so many false stereotypes about us! It makes talking to people pretty interesting!

Also this is the best! So we were walking around in this neighborhood! Its super gorgeous like everyone and their dog in Norway is beautiful!! But it started smelling so good!!! Like the best fish barbeque!! We saw this little Asian guy cooking and I was like Søster Carpenter are you down for this awkward contact? So we walked into his backyard like it was no big deal and complemented his cooking!! He was so cool!! We talked to him for like 20 minutes!

Also another golden awkward, too brave søster bennett moment
So I was talking to this lady on the bus and she did not speak english or norsk but I was like whatever I am gonna give it a shot. I found out she was from Afghanistan and she just was so sweet! I was trying to figure out if she believed in Jesus but she was not understanding. I just pulled out a Book of Mormon and started showing her the pictures and in the most basic english description possible told her about Joseph Smith and how the church has been restored and that God loves her. She kept pointing at the pictures and asking questions. I told her she could have the book and gave her a card with our number and she just kept saying thank you thank you!! It was really amazing, and cool and all except for then I realized my companion was getting off the bus and I was like uftda I gotta go now!! So I like try to crawl over this lady and book it to the door of the bus and I missed the stop so my companion and I got separated hahaha and everyone was just like staring at me becasue I was not exactly graceful trying to make it off the bus.. Lets just say everyone on the bus knows who I am now. Hahahah. You know what they say first impressions are really important. hahah

Also we have this post it note for all of our nun moments or you know you are a missionary when. The two for the week was we realized we were having a casual conversation about hymns over lunch.. yeah lame I know. and the other one was when you are so tired but then something so spiritually awesome happens that it just wakes you up.

So here are a couple really spiritually awesome things that happened this week.

So when I got here they were only contacting about 4 people a day and teaching 5 people a week. Which is good but I was just like there has to be something more we can do. So we made a goal to really just get out and talk to more people. It has litterally opened so many doors. We tripled the amount of people we are teaching in one week and I am just so grateful that we are meeting the people who want to hear about the gospel.

One example was a man my age that we knocked on his door and we talked with him at his door for about a half hour about the restoration and about God and Jesus Christ! He said he wanted to meet with us and find out more! This rarely happens just on the street!! We were like ok, sweet!!!

Also we got a referral from a lady in our ward and we just got done teaching this guy in his 30s who told us he did not believe in a God but he knew he needed some help figuring out his life. We invited him to read in the Book of Mormon and today after 4 days we met again and he told us that he read a little in the Book of Mormon and then asked the sky for help with his car. He desperately needed money to stay in Norway and 20 minutes later he had a call and then got 4 more calls that day about his car. He hasnt heard a thing for months before. He then decided that there really was a God and called his dad and now we have two new people wanting to hear about the gospel.

We also have two people who have never thought of god loving them and they just light up when we talk about god. Taieb is from Sudan and he came to church Sunday. there arent words to describe the look on his face when he found out that this is what he wanted. He is going to be baptized!!! We are thinking in the first of July.

Being on a mission has been amazing so far. I constantly ask my companion where we are and what we are doing because I cant beleieve the miracles and changes in peoples lives we are witnessing!!!

I love you all and I am so grateful to have the best family and friends anyone could ask for!! I hope that you all are having a good summer so far and that you remember that there really is a big man in the sky and he loves you!!

Also I tried fish oil. it is disgusting. I am not interested in whatever health benefits the norwegians claim it has. I can still taste it. from a week ago. hahah
-Søster Bennett


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