May 1, 2016



Week 2 MTC


I am SOOO pumped because I actually have time to write this week and I figured out how to send pictures so it makes me happy that you'll all know what going on!!

So I am going to apologize in advance because this email probably won't make a ton of sense but I will try to make sure that I write down all the important stuff:)

Ok so there is a limited number of funny stories because we study ALL day long hahah!!! But I actually really love studying so it's just fine! I am getting really excited to get to Norway and I am learning so much here about the church but also Norwegian and Life skills and just my weaknesses and strengths that it can get exhausting at times but it is so great!! I have heard of the MTC being referred to as a roller coaster and that is probably the best description I have for it. Every hour you are here is like a completely different experience.

So I want to explain a little bit of just basically what we do each day,

Believe it or not we get up at 6:30 every morning except for this morning we all accidentally slept in until 7 hahah it was glorious!!! Then we usually hurry and get ready slash eat breakfast, work out (which is the best because we just play volley ball or hang out!) I have a great volley ball story in a little bit. Then we get ready again and go to study for like 3 hours. Since we are learning a language we get this program called TALL it helps us learn a bunch of Norwegian. It sings at the end when you close it and it cracks us up every time. When you can't listen to music it sort of becomes your favorite song. Sometimes we sing into the voice recorders and it's a good time. Then we go to lunch and then back to class for another 4 hours. Our classes are in complete Norwegian the teachers maybe say 10 words in English. But it's crazy because they told us at the two week mark we would be able to understand what they were saying and I feel like I am close to being able to basically understand what the teachers say. Norwegian is the coolest language! It's really beautiful and I love it so much. I can't wait to actually be able to speak it instead of saying super grammatically incorrect sentences. Then again, I can't wait to be grammatically correct in English too! In our classes we learn missionary principles, or lessons. Then we have dinner and then back to class for another 4 hours or so. We teach investigators who are also our teachers. They base their characters off of someone that they have taught on their mission. I try to take it seriously and I really come to love the investigator and want them to progress and to understand that God loves them and has a plan for them. Then it's about 9 at that point we "study" for another half hour and then get ready for bed and go to "sleep" slash goof off for a couple hours.

So that's how most of our days go. Sunday's are the best because they are just really relaxed and fun and we don't have to study as much. We love Sundays A LOT! hahah I never thought I would love Sundays and working out as much as I do now. Sunday and Tuesdays we have devotionals and this week Elder Oaks came and spoke to us. The Devotionals are always super uplifting and help us remember how important this work is that we are doing. Thursdays we go to the temple and do laundry and then at 6 we have class again.

It's pretty busy but I am really grateful that I have gone to school and worked a lot because the work and study load isn't that difficult for me. A lot of people aren't used to studying so much and they really struggle to focus so I am learning how to be patient and not study so much without feeling like I am doing something wrong by not studying when they tell us how important it is.

My testimony has grown so much in the last two weeks and I have learned so much about how much God really loves us and that he gives us hard things to accomplish because he knows it will be for our good. Satan is the one who wants us to think that we can't do it or turn our problems into complaints. So I am learning how to take trials with a smile and to find joy in the hard times.

Something I have started doing is following the advice Elder Bednar gave to get a cheap copy of a Book of Mormon and to study one specific topic like faith or questions like how do I know God loves me and to mark and write notes anytime you see something that teaches you about that. I have been studying how to be meek and I have only made it like 10 pages in the Book of Mormon and I have learned a lot about how to be meek.



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