April 26, 2016



MTC First Week

Well my first week and a day is done at the MTC!!! I honestly don't even know where to start!! I only have like a half hour so I will do my best to remember all of the funny things and awesome things that have happened and then I will take the time to write everyone individually. Hmm...

Ok, so we study a lot! And I love it! We have three teachers, Brother Leighton is from England and he is really great, Sister Landry is from Texas and she is so spiritual and I hope that I can be a missionary like her! Sister Knapp is also really great but she teaches the other class more. So when we are in class it is in 100% Norwegian. It's really crazy because people tell you that you learn a language really quickly in the MTC and I was like oh yeah that's cool. It's so real though!!! I can understand about half of what my teachers are saying and we have been teaching an investigator in Norwegian as well. I love Norwegian and I love speaking it!!!

The MTC is not exactly what I was expecting.. It's a lot of work and luckily I know how to work really hard but it's like spiritually and emotionally hard work. I haven't ever had to be a really emotional or spiritual person before so I guess you could say I am just working on getting my spiritual six pack game on.

Sorry this is taking forever but I can't even think of what to say.

Oh! So we have 12 people going to Norway the same day, there are 6 sisters and 6 elders. We are split into two classes there's me and Sister Geddes with two sets of elders and then there are four sisters and two elders in the other class. We have all become really good friends and I seriously love them all so much!! There is also our zone which is like the equivalent of a ward I guess, there's maybe 30-40 of us and it's the Norwegian, Swedish, and Finnish missionaries. It's really fun to mess around with the Swedes and Finns and Danes. It helps us learn the language too!

Ok I will share five stories

1. One day at lunch we were all really tired and I don't know why but we started talking about Cows. Then Sister Christofferson going to Sweden yells at the top of her lungs I LOVE COWS. So we want to draw pictures of cows and put them all over their doors.
2. Elder Bednar gave a really amazing devotional for missionaries to help get our head in the game. This helped me learn a lot. Basically he talks about none of this is about us. It's all about helping others come to Christ and to help them learn about the gospel. He also talked about how repenting is how we return to Christ. Let's just say I have been doing a lot of repenting. Like a lot!
3. We played bean boozled in our apartment and it was hilarious! Sister Cockrell got a skunk one and she seriously smelled like a skunk all day! P.S. Sister Cockrell is the BOMB! I feel bad cause she has been throwing up all week
4. We have been teaching a mock investigator who if I understand right she will eventually be our teacher but she is from Norway and I love teaching her and talking to her even though it probably sounds like a five year old robot with short term memory loss. hahah but it's been a really cool experience because we just go in there and don't know exactly what we are going to do but we just have a lot of faith and it works out. The moral of the story is to have a lot of faith and pray for everything. If I have learned one thing this week, it's that the Holy Ghost is the coolest person in the whole world and that when I don't have the spirit I can't do anything as a missionary.
5.I wish that I could remember a really funny story but this week has been pretty crazy because I have been learning how to be a missionary from teachers who just teach us in Norwegian. So it's pretty exhausting but I am hoping that next week I will have more funny stories because now I know what I need to do differently and I am really excited for the rest of the MTC experience.

Speaking the Language as much as possibly has been funny because it's getting to the point that we are forgetting a lot of the English too so now when we speak in English it's really slow.

I seriously love it so much though!!!! Being a missionary is a really great time and even though it's hard it's a lot of fun and I have learned more about the gospel and how to follow Christ in one week than in my whole life!

Love you all!!!
Vi Snakkes!!

I will write you all as much as I can when I find the time!

Have the best week and remember that Heavenly Father loves you and will literally help you with everything and anything when you ask.


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