March 23, 2016



San Francisco Trip

So I guess I am just going to be a frequent flyer cause I got to fly to San Francisco to visit with a consulate for my Visa to Norway. I haven't flown since I was about 10 years old so I was kind of freaking out when we took off! Gabi and I got to sit next to each other on the flight and I am pretty sure that I cut her circulation off from her hand because I was so nervous. Once we were in the air I was fine and the view was awesome! I also met Hannah and Aubrey who are both from Utah and we'll all be in the MTC together! They were really nice and funny and I am so grateful that we got to meet before leaving. It makes going to the MTC a lot less nerve racking!

Ok so our cab driver into the city was NUTS! He was honking and swerving and driving like crazy! And it was so expensive so I will never complain about paying under two dollars for gas again. Driving into the city was awesome I really could hear the Full House theme song creepin in looking at the streets!

The consulate visit was a lot less crazy than we thought they didn't ask us any questions they just took our paperwork and some money and they sent us on our way. One of the guys had a Slytherin scarf so we had a good talk about Harry Potter.

Then we had like 6 hours to kill before flying home and we looked around at the mall it was cool I guess. I hate shopping in all forms. Unless its for food:)

Oh last thing on the flight home the plane was having technical issues and so of course that made me even more terrified. Hannah was dressed just like a flight attendant so the flight attendants from our flight home brought us those little wings they give to kids when their parents ask for them. That was pretty cool. I guess I am still five cause that was probably the highlight of my day.


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