July 8, 2019


Maranga 3


Martha Alejandra Quiunones Chuvac

It´s just the beginning...

Well hello my beautiful family and friends, 
I have so so many emotions running through me as I write this último carta. 
18 months is short. When I started my mama told me it would go fast. She was right.... A lot has happened in this time... I ate SO much rice, ran to contact people, saw amazing friends get baptized and begin the path of discipleship, met people who felt like family, grew spiritually, came to know Jesus, spoke with the gift of toungs and the power of angels, and was converted. I have seen more miracles here than I ever thought was possible. I know that JESUS IS THE CHRIST! HE LIVES, MY FRIENDS!!!! He is preparing the world for his coming... and I am convinced that we will be here to see him come. Our Profet, Russell Nelson, has been around the world like the profets of old to testify and call the world to repentance. I know that that is that call of this day. Each of us am members need to support and uplift the obra misional. The people who got baptized and who are firm in the church are those who have friends and support from the church. We need to be that for every person. It doenst matter where they are from or who they are. WE ARE ALL CHILDREN OF GOD! We cannot judge them for how they look or how much they weigh. We need to see them with the same eyes that the savior has for them. We need to love them. Jesus taught the "Love one another... by THIS they shall know that ye are my disciples." Love is the evidence that we are disciples of the Lord. If we don´t love we are nothing. I have come to love this gospel, this church, these people and all people, and most of all, the SAVIOR. I invite you to pray for charity. PRAY SEEK AND HOPE for CHARITY! In these last days it is all we need. It will save us. 
We finished this last month really happy! Our friend Jimmy was baptized. His story blows my mind. We prayed to know who was going to be ready and his name was what we recieved and he was not progressing... but we was ready at the end of the month... we was baptized on the 30th of june... and just yesterday he was ordained to the office of a priest and recieved the priesthood of God. He is so cute. He gave me a letter and wrote his testimony about the gospel. SO CONVERTED!! He taught me what it was like to use the atonement. He was changed. He went from believing in only science to knowing the voice of GOD. I am amazed by him. 
Well my friends. I want to express my love for the mission. If you have not served. go. If you are getting ready to go stay focused. And for those of you ahve have served and come home please remember your missions and how they changed you. This gospel is the path. No hay un otro. GOD LIVES. JESUS IS THE CHRIST. HE IS COMING. Oil up those lamps friends. 
Hasta mañana mis queridos amigos. les amo muchísimo.
Hermana Mecham 


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