June 17, 2019


Maranga 3


Martha Alejandra Quiunones Chuvac


Well... this really is the final countdown... My companion reminds me every morning how many days are left... we are down to 22. 
I remember very well what was happening 22 days before I flew out of SLC airport. It was Christmas time! My sweet mother refused to put up Christmas because she thought it would make time slow down. Sara Bird got us in the spirit and helped us decorate the place before the 24th! It was a Christmas I will never forget... my gifts were all missionary things. My grandparents came in from Arizona. We shared lots of laughs and lot and lots of tears.... I felt the love of my sweet family and of my Heavenly Father. I knew He had sent the Babe, born in Bethlehem, to die for us all. The final countdown for me to leave was a lot easier then than it is now... But my understanding of who that precious baby was has grown tremendously. In the last 525 days I have been a student in the Lords University. I have heard His voice, seen His miracles, and tasted of His mercy. I am a witness that HE LIVES. I am sencerly gratful for the companions that have put up with me, the presidents who have inspired me, the amigos who have strengthened me, and the spirit who has guided me. I will never be able to look at this time and think it was feo... because, though it has been hard, it has been BEAUTIFUL. 
ANYWAY! This week taught me something unique! My companion and I really wanted some pizza... and we had no money! So we said a prayer and asked the lord for a member to give us pizza! that night we went to a members home and they gave us 2 PIZZAS! We were so dang happy!! We thanked the lord for hearing our pathetic prayer and ate one... then the morning came and we ate it for breakfast because thats what you do when there is cold pizza in the fridge. Later we went to a meeting with the mission and there was pizza for lunch! ... The following day at missionary corrilation there was pizza. And at dinner with a member... and then again at the Family Home Evening we went to........ Now NORMALLY people dont have pizza. NORMALLY they have keke and tea and rice and potatoes..... BUT THIS WEEK EVERYONE HAD PIZZA! ... I thought about this as I was laying in bed sick to my stomanch this weekend! Why did the whole world have pizza this week!?!?!?! Then I remembered our prayer! Gosh dangit, the Lord is just so good!! He really does keep his promises about giving abundantly. I am a believer. I know prayer works! And God gives much much more than we can recieve (or eat!).
I hope you are all well. I hope you are happy and ready to see the Savior when He comes. OIL UP YOUR LAMPS FRIENDS! HES COMIN! 
LES AMO UN MONTÓN! Hermana Mecham 
1. My fav food... rice lol NAH its chicharón de pescado! 2. In a little taxi with the windows down even though its freezing... (wierd taxi man)3. MY BEAUTIFUL COMPANION HERMANA QUIÑONEZ


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