May 27, 2019


Maranga 3


Martha Alejandra Quiunones Chuvac

The Lego Life

Id like to dedicate this email to all those who think that they are FAT... And for those who dont... I geniually (cant spell so hope that is correct) hope that once you have read this you will have a desire to be FAT and HAPPY!  As you read you will understand why... 
My week has been really hard. My amazing companion found out that her nervs in her back are not working as they should and her leg is in an insane amount of pain. She had to go to the hospital and now she is on rest... (I have great suerte because this is the 3rd comp with health problems like this). I realized how much humility it takes to go from the top to the bottom. I thought about regular life for a second. Its like loosing a job that you were good at, or having a family member pass away from fault of another, a spouse leaving after years of happiness, failing a class after working so hard, or even going home early from a mission for health problems that you did not choose... The situations are endless and if we take a minute we can all think of a time when this has happened to us. Its hard because we start to do one of two things. We turn to the lord and trust in him or, more often, we turn away from him and start to doubt... Today I want to talk about TRUST.
Proverbs 28:25 says, "He that putteth his TRUST in the Lord shall be made FAT." 
When I read this I first took a double take and then made my way down to the footnote where it says "shall prosper" instead of "be made fat".... But I took a second and I thought about this.... 
My mind them went to my amazing brothers... When they were younger they had a HUGE box of legos. They would play with those things forever. They made towers and houses and forts and ships and armys and who knows what else... Each time they were different, and each time they were happy. But there always came a day when mama came in and told them to clean them up, take them apart and put them away. They didnt want to, but she would always say something like "Its ok, you can make more tomorrow and It will be fun!" They of course did as she said and later pulled out that box and built some more. My mama never did this to hurt them. She knew that they chose to build. She knew it made them happy... it was jsut time to do something else, to learn something else. This is like our lives. We go about happily doing our work or building our lives. We have work, a happy family, a good important calling, we are healthy, and we are trying our best to improve. But then the Lord comes in and knocks down our tower and metaphorically speaking puts away this great creation we have worked so hard on. We then are sad. We then wonder why this happened.... Is it because our Father hates us? Is it because he isnt proud of us? Is it because he wants to hurt us? NO. ABSOLUTLY NOT. It is because HE KNOWS BETTER. He knows that we chose to be here. It was the one thing to make us truly happy! He knows that in the end we will have so much joy because we will have learned and achieved so much! He doesnt do it becuase our tower was aweful, He does it because He knows it can be better... that we can be better. He wants nothing more than our happiness, and when we are good little builders we are happy. BUT this takes a whole lot of TRUST in His plan. He is going to knock down our towers when it is time to change or when we have to learn something, and we have to trust that it is for something greater. 
Trusting in Him isnt always easy, but by doing so we will prosper. We will be FAT AND HAPPY! It is the great result of believeing in Him and His love for us. I know that with His help we will be the BEST builders He has. We will create a beautiful and happy life. And like Mckay and Cole, we will enjoy every opportunity to build and we will be satisfied with our work. SO! Dont be afraid to be FAT! ;) Just trust in God and all will be well... 
I know that His plan is PERFECT. He loves us. He sent His Son so that we can build and rebuild without paying a dime. I love him and I love his plan. Jesus lives, my friends, and HE IS COMING. 
I love you all so much! 
Hermanita Mecham


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