May 20, 2019


Maranga 3


Martha Alejandra Quiunones Chuvac

Teaching with P O D E R

Hello my family! 
Well this week was crazy!! Our ward (Maranga) split and is now the PANDO. Lots to do, its little but powerful with this new bishop! 
Also this week we went to teach a less active member. Now back ground story... this guy was taught ONE lesson and then was baptised 3 days later... that is APOSTACIA. We taught him one time before to help him but this time my compnaion and I felt that we could do nothing. He had no desire, but he knew cause he had been a member for a year and the ward worked a lot with him... IN ADDITION I have never  EVER been a cut to the chase, “here is the consequence” kind of missionary. I have alwasy been sensitive to how they feel.... BUT this time words, not my own, came out of my mouth... He told us about how the commandments were just resticting him from getting married and having fun and being normal... and without thinking I began to tell him how angry the Lord was with his lazyness in keeping the comandments of the Lord, that if he continued this way that he would not be allowed in his presence when he died and that he and his family would recieve punishment instead of blessings. When the words left I knew without a doubt that he knew what he was doing and that it was more than just the word of wisdom that he was breaking. Leaving that house I shook, not from the wind, but from the POWER of God. I have never taught or said anything of the kind. I know it was from God. HE WILL NOT BE MOCKED.
My friends, Covenants are a real thing. They are special. They are important. They require our lazy natural man to get up and get moving... in that way, and that way only, will we be welcomed into his home. 
Being an instrument of God is powerful. He is real. Jesus is the CHRIST! These are the last days. HE is coming.
Hermana Mecham


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