April 22, 2019


Maranga 3


Martha Alejandra Quiunones Chuvac


Well hello beautiful people of the world! 
I have some very exciting news! We had transfers! And I am now training the cutest little new missioanry from Guatemala! We are assigned to a new area in the mission, called Maranga 3! Our ward and stake are splitting soon so it will be Pando in about 3 weeks! Im so excited! This area is fresh! 
So, fun story! about 8 transfers ago I got a call telling me I was coming here. I got here and felt like it was off a little bit.... i didnt say anythin i just kept working. But then the assistants  called and  said "Whoops sorry hna mecham you are actually going to train and white wash a sector in La libertad."  I was like " YES! THAT IS MORE LIKE IT! THE HARD STUFF!!" and now...... 8 changes later i am here... and this time it is RIGHT! I love how the spirit works. It reminded me of a story elder holland told. There was a fork in the road. they pryed which way to go to get home... they felt one way and took it, only to find out it was a dead end. They of course went the other way... they realized that if they took the first 2nd way first they would have doubted. I belive that i am the same... this change has not been the easiest thus far... But i was prompted once that my time was not yet come... I have a job to do here, and it is the time. 
I love how much the lord helps us when we  least expect it. God has a plan. He knows the way. He knows who is around us and what they are thinking. He knows our families. He knows our hearts. He guides us. I am a living witness of that plan. Satan doesnt want me to be here and I know that. He has thrown every little (and big) thing at me that he could. BUT WE ARE GODS WORRIORS. And His worries win. 
Jesus is the Christ. This is His church. I know it.
I love you all. 
Hermana Mecham


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