March 11, 2019

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Phone calls home are super cool

Today Hermana Mecham called us from the family history center in their stake building in Lima, Peru. It was really fun to talk to her! I thought I might miss getting emails from her but then I realized that I can document her mission from the things she tells me! ❤️
So here goes...
Hermana Mecham is still a sister trainer leader with Hermana Reese from Logan, UT. This is their 2nd transfer together... however, they moved to a new sector; Santa Cruz. Previously only elders served there, but now only Hermanas are there.
Bay said it is a BIG area and she loves the modern conveniences of shopping and nice housing there! She has a full kitchen for the first time in her mission and so she can finally feed herself! And... they are right by the beautiful ocean! She has sun burned cheeks!
The work in Santa Cruz is different because it requires the efforts of members. They can’t contact people unless they have member referrals... needless to say, the work is popping there! They have lots of people to teach! The mission goal this month is 100 baptisms and they are already half way there! Surely the wards are being blessed for helping their friends find the gospel. Her description reminded me of a ward we lived in when we were in CT! The members and our Bishop were so involved with missionary work and we witnessed week after week full of baptisms! I wish every ward looked at missionary work like this because it really grows quickly when everyone is involved and takes a genuine interest in helping others find the gospel. Plus, let’s be honest, it’s so nice to have a friend in the ward still when the missionaries move on.
So fun for Bailey to be where many of the US Embassey folks live because she has a few North Americans in her ward which means familiar foods, sounds, smells and home touches. I know this is such a treat when you live in foreign lands.
Today I am thankful for (1) awesome technology! Even if the image is grainy, the sound was clear. (2) so thankful for continued revelation from our prophet! Missionaries calling home was a great idea from heaven. 😉


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