March 11, 2019


Santa Cruz


Noel Reese


Hello Family!!!!!!! 
So this week has been a blast! We had transfers and my companion and I are still together! And we are in the same zone! We just changed wards... now we are in SANTA CRUZ!!!!!!! It is amazing here.... just rich and green and the beach. It is a real good time. 
The only crazy thing is that the work here is SO different. We work a lot with members but thats about it for finding. We are trying to adapt to the new area... but we have seen a lot of miracles for doing so. 
Sorry this is short. I just want to quickly share my testimony..... This week i have been ready in the bible about the many miracles of the Savior. I read about how he drove out many devils. I thought a lot about how interesting it is that these devils asked him to give them another place to go... or another body if you will. I think sometimes we as humans dont realize what a pleasure it is to have bodies... they are a gift from our Heavenly Father and ALL his children want one... That is our purpose of course, to become like Him, with a body. I am gratful for mine. I know it is not perfect... But it is mine and it is from my amazing father in heaven. I know He loves me. I know He sent His son to give me an example. He is cheering us on, patiently helping us to perfection. I love him. I know that Jesus is the Christ, the living son of God. I know that his atonement changes lives. It has changed mine. 
I love you you! Enjoy the amazing body God has given you.... and LOVE IT. 
have a good week :) 
hermanita mecham


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