February 18, 2019




Noel Reese

MILAGRO NUMERO 999,368,001

This week, just like all others was FULL of miracles. 
One of my favorites was zoila. We found zoila in December. She was a reference from a member! (For all you members who dont know this, member references are like Christmas morning for missioanries! They always progress much quicker and are firm when they are baptised.)  Her husband, Freddy, told her one day that he wanted to be a  member and listen to the missionaries. He made her invite us to their home. At first they were proud people. not willing to change.... but as soon as Zoila started reading the book of Mormon she was converted. She still didnt sccept a date for batism, though. We tried everything and then just had to leave her to make her own choices. Then last Sunday we were in the church and she came up to us and said she didnt want to wait any longer. She had her interview and was baptised on Thursday. In her testimony she explained how she is a different person because of the gospel of Chirst. I too testify of her words. We are differnt when we live the gospel. I say that in her and in her home. She is so darling and I love her!!!! 
Also this week my companion and I had a great revelation.... we were having a very crazy day and Hna reese looked at my and asked how I was... I just said I was fine and kept going. Then she stopped and put her hands on my shoulders and asked again. That day was overwheling and I was feeling a little down. She saw that. Then she began to ask me lots of questions and talk me out of my little rut. I realized how I havnt had any other leaders really worrying about me for a good 3 months. I havnt had anyone call and ask how I was doing. I had been making the calls. I had been worrying about others. It never hit me that there wasnt someone above me to keep me in line, only the lord and President Strong. It took me by surprise. I told Hna reese and we decided its like being a mama. Our mamas ALWAYS look for ways to help. They are ALWAYS answering questions and cleaning up after us. They are checking in on us and keeping us in line. They correct us when we need it and they love us even when we doing dumb stuff.... But who is above them? God. And who is beside them? Their companion. It is the same. I have been here on my mission to help others to come unto Christ. As a mama is it any different!? I have been looking forward to being a mama my whole life. Just a little more than being a missionary. But this week I decided that they go hand in hand. 
To those of you who are preparing to serve a mission, take a minute to look at your mama. If she is anything like mine then she is an AMAZING missionary. She is called and honored to be a mama. And she is called to teach... without a plaque of course.  ;)  I know that God loves his daughters. I know he loves his sons. We are each unique individuals with special and precise roles. I know that we were each sent to the earth to do something only we can do in this time. 
This church is true. God lives. Jesus is the Christ! He is our savior, in any way we need. He is preparing the world for his coming. 
OIL UP YOUR LAMPS. And have a good week! 
I love you all! 
Hermana Mecham 
this picture is of the MCT that I found with hna reese hahaha SUPER classy.


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