February 11, 2019




Noel Reese

Hna Peanut Butter Cup and Sunday Miracles

Hola familia mía! 
I just love lima. It is a whole new world down here! So full of life and smelly fishes and love and sweaty people and miracles and more smelly fish! Thats what we get in the summer... fish! But I love it a ton! 
I recently got a new companion! I dont know If i updated the world on this so Ill do it now! (so sorry) She is amazing! from logan ut! She is the one and only Hna Reese! I like calling her hermana peanut butter cup :) It just gives life to the companionship! When we sing our  messages its always "Hna peanutbuttercup and her companion" HAHA! I love it. We get along great, she is so nice and chill and loves sleeping so we are really happy on pdays! Plus I get to always learn from how well she teaches. truly an anser to prayers! 
This week has been  full of miracles! We spent a lot of time helping the hermanas and by doing so we participated in some amazing miracles on sunday! We went to church after calling so many people who didnt answer, with the faith that there would be some sort of miracle with our friend, Uriel. We got into church and saw a friend who never answered his phone but had confirmed that he was going to be there on saturday! Then we saw Uriel! He had his book of mormon in hand and read it durring the sacrement. He was so happy to be there. Uriel told us after that he knows it is the true church. He said he felt it! He said that he knows that there is a reason we found him and that his wife, who passed away a few years ago was the one who sent us to him!! After church we walked out to see 3 new friends who ALL asked how they could be baptised! They have been listening to the missionaries in their area before and have just moved. They are TAN PILAS! I was so excited to see such amazing smiles. One of the hermanitas was called Elsa. She has been listening to the lessons from the hermanas in Maranga 2, which is a part of our mayordomía. We have heard a ton about her! She was just wating on a baptism interview and she wanted it that night. We planned it all out for 6:30 and our disterict leader was ther. She decided she wasnt quite ready and the elders left. Then to our excelent surprise our friend zoila, who we have been teaching for about 3 months walks up to us and said, "Hermanas, I have been posponing my baptism for too long. When can I get baptised I want to as soon as posible!" She went in with Elder smith, our district leader a few minutes later and passed her interview! She will be baptised this week on thursday!!!! I am so excited to see her finally feel the urgency and the need for these convenios. The lord worked some mighty miracles! It was a day I dont think I will ever forget. 

There is nothing better than seeing miracles and knowing they come from a loving heavenly father. I love him. I know he loves me. He send his Son to teaach us about Him through the example he set. Jesus is the christ. He is the KING! And he is coming soon. I love this church. I testify that it is the truth. It came from God. It stands as a ensign to the world. I know that Joseph was the profet called to restore it to the earth  and that Russel M Nelson is the profet called in OUR DAY to point us to christ. The gospel is spreading rapidly for the last time. I invite you to join the fight! It is the greatest and happiest place to be. 
I love you all! thank you for the support! GO DO GOOD THINGS THIS WEEK! GODS ANGELS ARE THERE TO DO GOOD WITH YOU! 
Hermana Mecham


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