October 23, 2017


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Mission Acceptance Letter

Dear Brethren,
After many hours in my scriptures, and many more in prayer, I have come to the conclusion that, at this time in my life, the greatest thing I could be doing is serving a mission. I have wanted to serve for many years. Growing up, my family had the missionaries in my home monthly, and as we moved around the world they were in our home weekly. I grew to love them and respect the work that they did. What stuck with me the most, what I have never forgotten, is the spirit that they carried with them. I wanted to have that spirit with me in all my endeavors. Because of my desire and determination to shine the way they did, my relationship with Jesus Christ grew. It was that same spirit that lead me to ask if this gospel was true. It lead me to Seminary every morning and then Institute each week. That same spirit that lived inside of them, began to live inside of me, until I wanted nothing more than to share the love of Jesus Christ with each one of God’s children. Over the last year or so I have tried my hardest to live my life close to the Savior. I have attended the temple each week seeking answers to questions and peace in a crazy world. Each week I leave with a new peace and understanding of this gospel. I have felt so blessed to be a part of this church, to have the scriptures, the temple, and the guidance of a living prophet. I feel more at home when I read and study the scriptures than I do in any other area of this world minus my home and the temple. I have found peace in serving in my callings, in activities, and within my family. My relationships have grown stronger as I have come closer to Heavenly Father and my knowledge of His great plan has only increased as I have opened up to those around me. As I have focused on Him, my world has shifted. The mountains even seem to be more beautiful. Each tough moment has seemed to have purpose and my patience has even increased. I have seen God’s hand in every inch of my life and my testimony is stronger than ever. I know that God is real. He is our father. He loves us each so perfectly. He is in the details of our lives and can truly control all things. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior. He lives. He loves me. He not only died but atoned for this world so that we could become like him, perfect. His atonement is the greatest enabling power in this universe. Through Him we can be forgiven, we can overcome that natural man inside of us, and we can live with God again. I know that Joseph Smith was the prophet called to restore God’s church to the earth today. His life is a beautiful example of how this gospel changes lives. He died for what he believed in, so that we could receive the truth. I know that the Book of Mormon is the most correct book on this earth and that it contains the words of God. It is the iron rod spoken of by Nephi. It will lead us to our Savior and helps us feel of His love. As we read it we can find peace, hope, and happiness. I know that the temple is the house of God. It was created to bless lives by making covenants and sealing families together forever. What is bound in the House of God is also bound in Heaven and will continue forever. I know that our prophet, Thomas S. Monson, is the mouthpiece of the Lord. He has been called for the benefit of this people, so that we have someone to look to in time of distress. He is not perfect, but God speaks through him and therefore we must listen. I know that I am blessed to be a part of such an amazing organization. This gospel is true. It is a source of joy. I love it with all my heart. I know that when I listen to the spirit I do great things and I live a great life. I want to live in that spirit, fulfilling a great life, through the Lord, forever. I cannot wait to serve the people of Lima, Peru. I look forward, with great anticipation, to share the light that this gospel brings. I know that I have been called where the Lord needs me, and I will do all I can for 18 months to serve Him.

Sister Bailey Mecham


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