January 14, 2019




Erin Kenedy

Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost

Well Family, HELLO! 
I am so sorry it has been so long since I have written to let you all know that Im alive! Fun fact: Im alive! I have been in the hospital this week with a missionary who had surgery... It was the most amazing esperience and I would like to share it with you all.
For the last two weeks this lovely hna, Hna camacho, has been staying with us becuase our house is 20 min away from the hospital. She has had the worst pain. Then on Friday at the milti zone confrence she fainted. thankfully predident was there and literally caught her. We went home after she recovered a little. Then that night for unknown reasons (except heaven) none of us could sleep. I got us to use the bathroom and she was getting up too. She went in and i miraculously heard my name a min later. SHe had wispered it! But it was still loud enough for me to hear. I think it was an angel who really spoke. I walked in as she looked at me and said "I cant" and passed out again. I was there to catch her. I called the hnas names and in seconds they were by my side, along with others who were unseen, especially her dad who had passed away a few years ago. at this point it was about 2am. We got her on the ground as she began to shake. 5 min passed. She woke up. We called President. SHe was ok a few hours later to go to bed. At 7 we woke up. She was normal, but weak. Around 12 it happened agin and we were in a taxi very quickly to the hospital. After 2 more tests and a good long talk with the doctor... she was hospitalized and had emergency surgery at 11pm. I stayed with her and President and Hna Strong until 2 when the doctor came and spoke to us. He said he felt guided durring her surgery. We knew it was true. He was being guided. When sahe got out she told me a few stories about her surgery... with her persission I want to share it with you. She was put under and then she woke up... in spirit. And she saw her dad. He looked at her and spoke. He had practiced medicine before he died and she felt that he was there for both her comfort and the doctor. He then put his arm on the doctor and spoke to him. She cried. He stayed with her the whole time. She was blessed to have a bit of the viel taken away for a min to be at peace. She talked about it alot over that last few days. She is doing good now, recovering. I have thought about this weekend many times. I know he was there speaking to me when she was in too much pain to speak. I know he was the one who spoke to me when she was about to pass out. It was a miracle that all this happened the way it did. 
I feel so blessed to know that God has a plan and sends help in moments of need. I know that As we have the Holy ghost to guide us we also have angels by our side. 
God lives. Jesus is the Christ. He knows how we feel and he can mourn or cheer with us. HE IS COMING SOON. I know that even in the waves of life, we have a savior who walks on water and calls the storm. He overcame the world so we need not fear. 
I love you all. Thank you for the birthday wishes and support! You are amazing folks. 
Hna Mecham


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