December 3, 2018


Olivos Ward in San Martin stake


Jalen Lambert

Austin from PR and the first Christmas Miracle!

Hola Familia mia! 
Well this week has been a journey! On Monday we got a phone call from President ans this guy named austin.... We were chosen out of all the missionaries in our mission to be a part of a focus group for the church. We were there with 3 other companionships of elders. And then austin tells us that he talked to pres and is taking us out to lunch! So we follow him down to the NICEST part of lima into a pizza restaurant.... that looked like New York City. IT WAS SO GOOD! I love him so much! It got even cooler when I started talking to one of the new Elders. He looked SUPER familiar to me and so i asked where he was from... AMERICAN FORK UT! He lived like 3 min away from me! And we had classes together! He just graduated though, so I didnt know him well in highschool. It was so fun to chat with him and hear about familiarity. His name is Cameron Bartlet! maybe a few of you from AF know him or his family, He is a stud and doing well! 
Then it got better when we set all our goals as a zone and mission for this christmas! Our goal as a zone is 28 baptisms. We prayed and fasted as a mission to find people that are prepared. Then Sunday morning came and we walked into church... 6 NONMEMBERS WERE SITTING IN THE FRONT ROW! They have an uncle who had briefly talked to them and they all had the desire to come. We taught them. Amd they are ready to be baptised. IT WAS A MIRACLE! I love being a misionary! 
I know that this year is going to be amazing. Chrsitams is the BESTTTTTTT
Keep on keeping on. I love you all! 
Hermana Mecham


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