October 22, 2018


La Libertad


Rafael Avila

A visit from the PROFETA

Hello Friends!  
This week has been one to remember. 
On Wednesday we had zone conference with Elder Hugo Montoya from the 70 and his wife, carmen. They were amazing. AND Hna Montoya ate with us at lunch and spoke to us about her life and her conversion. My fav thing taht she said was that to this day her mother is still catholic... and that she knows of the kind of example she is... her confidence was amazing. She talked about her kids and her love for the gospel. SHE WAS NORMAL! And she loved us. It was a treat. I will never forget it. 
Then on Satueday we saw the PROFET! He spoke to 5 missions, in the stake center in our mission! We of course were all there, perfectly happy and ready to be taught by the servent of the Lord. He told us a lot about the work on both sids of the veil and the importance of the temple. It is the goal for everyone on the earth! We are in the LAST DAYS. The time to change is now. It is time to be ready. It was amazing to be in his presence. He then spoke in a confernece to all of peru... and he spoke in SPANISH! PERFECTLY! I have a testimony of the gift of toungs... but now its profound. Now I KNOW... 
I want the whole world to know how much I love the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I love it. I love being a part of this kingdom of God on earth. We are lead by HIM. His profet in this day is Russell M Nelson. He is the MOST IMPORTANT PROFET.... because he is ours, now, in this time. That is something I learned this week. That is something I know. Jesus is the christ. He is the Son of the Living God. HE IS MY BEST FRIEND. He loves us so much. He is coming. 
Keep being strong. I love you all. 
Hermana mecham
these flowers are from the 10 year old boy who lives by us... he tells me every day that im pretty. I love him so much! his name is Diago! 


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