October 15, 2018


La Libertad


Rafael Avila

The Prayer in Parque Pescadito

Hola Familia mia! 
Well I started the downhill this week (#humpday) with a very special moment... or 2
Quick update... I am still training. And for some reason the Lord sends me very hard situations in training... clearly I need to open my eyes to see what there is to learn. Wednesday was no different. We were studying when my companion looked at me and told me she was bored and sad and wanted to leave... to her house! I quickly put my things in my bag and we headed to El Parque Pescadito, my fav little park in our area. We sat down and continued in a differnt way as to help her feel a little better. It didnt take long for the same thing to happen as well as a few more things.... With all the pressure from this moment as well as the pressure from all that was weighing on my mind, I called the sister training leaders for some advice... they informed me that I was called to lead this sector and this area as well as my companion. When I hung up the phone there was only one thing I could do. Pray. I needed revelation from heaven. So, I kneeled down... in the middle of this park, and begane to speak to my Father in Heaven. It didnt take too long to feel His love for me and my companion and my sector. He told me where to go and what to do. 
When I finished I got up and said to my companion that I knew where we needed to go. She followd me to the house of a woman we are teaching . We knocked and called,but nothing. We followed the next impression I had to find Maria. Then Jose. Then Lola.... no one was home. I wondered why the lord told me to go to all these places if NO ONE was going to be home. That day was discouraging. Then SUNDAY came. This week we watched the sunday sessions of conference because the elections were last week... and someone said that the test of this life is to obey when the lord has told us to do, when he tellsus to do it...thats it. I was overwhelmed. He knew no one would be home... but he told me to go there anyway. 
I know that he is in charge. HE LEADS US ALONG! Jesus Lives. HE is the CHRIST! He is coming again to rule and rein in his glory.  I love him. 
Have a good week friends. I love you all!Hermana mecham
ps sorry there are no pictures. Remember im in peru and its not always safe to send them! haha 


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