October 8, 2018


La Libertad


Rafael Avila

Shout out to the Seals and 9 Months on WEDNESDAY

I am just thrilled to be able to write you all this lovely day! I am super happy because we saw SUN! Yes, I got burned but thats ok... because Ricardo is getting baptised and I saw SUN! I forget how much I love the sun until I see it after a long time. I image it is the same for our spirits... when we are far from the sun or light of Jesus Christ we forget how much we really need it... until we feel a glimps of it again and remember the need. It is much better to just enjoy and live close to the light, am I right? 
ANY HOO! These last few weeks have been a journey. I have been blessed with the oportunity of training. Now, when I got that phone call the FIRST time I thought I was going to die... let alone the SECOND time. I thought about myself. What  I could do and what I couldnt. I was focused on what I could teach my companion and less on what she or the Lord could teach me. I testify, 4 months later... that JESUS is the trainer. Not hermana Mecham. I just have the pleasure of looking for and answering questions, letting someone cry on my shoulder, and listening to the Holy Ghost more profoundly. I truly love my calling. 
Tarapacá remains to be amazing! We only heard of one person getting shot this week! Yay for living in Callao.... (But dont worry mom, angels protect us.) This week we had the baptism interview of my favorite little investigator, Ricardo! Hes such a studddd! His mama makes me laugh too becuase she is VERY against the Church of Jesus Christ. Whenever we call she tells us that there is nothing more than the bible and the we need to remember that God loves us... I like the second part best. Ricardo has 19 years. And when we spoke about missionary service he asked for our stories.... I wanted it to be a little bit more special, so we scheduled another visit so he could feel the influence of the holy ghost and the desire to serve.  I started looking for a talk I love in one of the 200 Liahonas that we have in our room... as I was looking I thought to myself "I wonder if there is a picture of anyone I know in here..." Not even 2 seconds later I found a picture of the Seal Family! Bishop Seal and his wife Afton changed my life when my family moved to CT... and they continue to have a huge part of my heart! It was a tender mercy... especially becuase that ward was the reason I wanted to serve. It was so amazing to see how the Lord put that picture in my way  so I could remember how much I love them, and to help me remember why I chose to serve. Ricardo decided in our next visit that he too wanted to serve. It was amazng. 
I love the gospel. I love Jesus. HE IS COMING. Oil up your lamps my friends. 
I know God lives. He loves us. He leads this church. His church. I am proud to be called His desciple. 
Have a good week! Hermana Mecham


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