September 17, 2018


La Libertad


Liz Upari

The miracle of the SIXLETS

Hola Familia!! 
Well this week started out with our Zone PDAY where i was asked to make like 200,000 pancakes! hahah so when we finished cleaning on Monday morning, I started to make the pancakes but I had to do the rest at the stake center before everyone got there... it was quite the experience. The elders ate them ALLLLL! I forgot how hungry boys are after playing! hahah It was the best! 
The week continued with some hard news.... my companion needs surgery and is now on bed rest. That means that we don’t get to work unless our sister training leaders come to help us. It was stressing me out so much. Along with a few other problems, and I was wasted. I thought to myself "What I would give to have a little package of sixlets right now." I didnt say it to anyone. I didnt pray for it... I just thought about it... and Tuesday morning The zone leaders stopped by with a great delivery, a package from the worlds best mom. (wish her a happy birthday on the 20th ;) WITH SIXLETS! yes... I cried. I had a small moment where I realized how well we are known by our Father in heaven. He knows what we need, long before we do. He knows our homes, our families, our situations, our fears and our hearts. He is there. ALWAYS. This experience lifted my spirits and helped me to keep going this week durring some tough days. It even helped me to smile when my companion burned a sock of rice in the microwave! That was a tripy experience. It was on fire.... not a lot, but enough. I laughed. A lot. she cried. but its ok! who needs a rice sock anyway.... 
I just have to say that JESUS IS COMING. I am so excitd. I know that UT is on fire and people are evil... I know that there are terrible wars and people dont have food in Venezuela.... but we have hope, because the SAVIOR of the world knows us and he is preparing the world for his coming. Join the fight, my friends. Pray lots! Sing happy songs!
 love you all! 
hermana mecham 


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