July 30, 2018


La Libertad


Liz Upari

Who cares what the people say

Hello my favorite group of humans! 
As I have thought about my week I can think of two major points that stood out to me and made me think lots about my life... 
The first being our investigator, Almendra. She is DARLING! She was progressing so much until this sunday came and she called us telling us she wasnt going to be coming to church. She tried to explain how she felt but I could feel that something bigger was missing. She agreed to go to a Family Home Evening with us later that night, and then hung up... I thought abotu her all day. Then we went to get her at 7... she told us a huge story about her life, about a boyfriend he had who is in our ward and how aweful the members were to her after she decided not to go to church with him every week. Not being a member she didnt have a reason, but she did have an interest. She told us that a few members of our ward were absolutly brutal. And she now had fear to go to church for the things they would say... It all made sense, and I prayed for the ability to understand how I could help her.... 
The second thing was just after our converstaion durring the Family Home evening... we were with a group of converts, a few being recent, who are all from Venezuela. They are a very honest bunch of people! They begin asking if I had a photo of my family, which of course I always carry for this reason. When They saw my picture they asked "What happened??" Becuse now im fatter than I was before my mission! They were just saying this with smiles and laughs becuase its normal... its not offensive at all! ..... But in my heart I was a little offended. It was a little hard to hear that..... And I didnt feel comfortable. ...
Now, As i thought about these two experiences I realized something.... WHO CARES WHAT PEOPLE SAY! Ya, Im fatter now than when i left home... but I am also 100% happier, 100% closer to the holy ghost, 100% myself. I need not worry that I like the Peruvian food so dang much that the people call me the gordita! And I dont care if they wanna call me that the rest of my life. Its the same for Almendra. They dont know what happened in her lif. They dont know her or her desitions, or her thoughts.... only God knows. Same goes for every one of us... this life is a time to grow, to prepare to meet our Father in heaven again. The words of others should not distroy us... we should evaluate them, we should think about the outcome, we should think about our Savior in ralation to both our feelings toward the person and HIS feelings towards that person, and then we should try to understand.... ABOVE ALL we should be kind. This world is far too mean, too angry, too sad, too have every person acting in such away. Life is beautiful. Food is good. And, Love is the best feeling in the world.
I hope yall are happy! I hope you are all having inspiring thoughts about how fat and happy you are too! 
Remember that I love you and the Jesus is coming.
Hermana Mecham 


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