July 3, 2018

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Champions produce champions

My little Hermana Bonita,
First off, I’ve spoken to Dr. Gardner and he suggested some vitamins...
Thinking that perhaps you are deficient due to diet. I know you haven’t had a ton of control over that, especially since fresh greens are limited for you. 🌱🥦🥒🥗 Don’t worry. The Lord is in charge and he will provide. Keep the faith! You will be whole in time.... and I’m sending you supplements to help with that. I ❤️ you.
Next, I wrote Hermana Larson a little thank you for taking such great care of you and Hermana Larson sent me a little note back. I’m going to share it with you because she is awesome and because you are such a force to be reckoned with and don’t even know it. Here goes:
“Sister Mecham,
You are so kind and sweet! Your daughter is so strong and amazing! She is a strength to all around her and she will continue to be a great strength to the church and her family in the future! We just love her. The world needs her and I told her that before we left, to remember that she can't be hard on herself. She has to continue to blaze paths for others to follow and not waste time beating herself up. She promised me she would do that. Hna and President Strong are wonderful and will bless her life. She will love them. She will learn from them and they will help her too. The Lord has wonderful plans for your little mighty hermana. Thank you for raising and sharing her with us! We send our love and best to you and your family.
Hermana Larson”
I love how you shine Bailey! 🌞
The timing of Coley’s baseball ⚾️team championship and your opportunity to train a missionary 👭go hand in hand...
Coley’s coach earned the nik name “Bucket” because he coaches during the games from his seat on upside down bucket. It’s been magical to watch him and learn about him.
Bucket was dads coach when he played little league also! He has been coaching for nearly 3 decades. But get this... this year marks the first time that one of his own sons is on the team. He does it because he loves the game.
I recently interviewed his wife and others for an article I want to send in to the baseball hall of fame. I learned that Bucket spends time studying other teams. He sits at the ball fields every night to watch all the games, takes notes so that he has a strategy on their strong and weak points, and he also watches every player so he knows who to draft for the next season. It’s remarkable to think that he puts in such effort, knowing that his hours are volunteered. His family joins in, supporting and cheering him and the community boys on... many of them and their families are just strangers. Who does this? I wanted to interview him and write an article because I can’t think of better way to honor and thank him for what he has done for Cole, specifically...
If you recall, Two seasons ago, Coley had given up on baseball. How could this happen? It was engrained in his dna! Grandpa Bird was offered a position playing ball professionally in Australia while on his mission! He was raised by a baseball bat and fast pitch, for heavens sake! Grandpa Mecham loves the sport! Dad wept while fulfilling a dream to watch the World Series game 7. A dream... fulfilled on a baseball diamond!!! It really wasn’t an option for Cole to just give up. However, his baseball self worth had taken an all time low when he was asked to give up his infamous Babe Ruth swinging form and take on a little league batting look. He was devastated when he didnt pitch a shut out game the first time he tried pitching... the harsh words of his coach, though they were surely meant as constructive, were more than his young heart could bear and his vulnerable mind could process. Cole had hung up the cleats and retired his number. Unacceptable to the family name, we pulled them back out and dusted them off and Bucket recruited Cole to be an American Fork Pirate. Bless that man!
Not only did he make last year fun with a city championship trophy, a pirate flag proudly flying for the team at every game, and gifting the “team ball” to Cole for his hard work, but he also built up he natural talent that cole brought to the table, complimented his good efforts, and lovingly taught him the rules along side everyone else. When it was a team lesson he taught the team. When it was a personal lesson he taught the person. The 2nd year that cole played for him he understood that he could trust Bucket. Because that was established, Cole could safely perform and share his talents and strengths on the ball diamond. And he did! And Bucket congratulated him and talked about it like Cole was being scouted by the big leagues.
There are not enough words to describe the character of this man. He is an angel! 😇 he lives and breathes to build up young boys, teach them to love and improve their talents and passions and to build them into great people. I probably don’t need to remind you how rare a man this is... these boys rise to championships over and over... year after year... not because they are all the best at the game but because they have been taught to believe they are. Champions are lead and created by champions.
As you approach training a new companion I believe you can take the same approach. Allow the spirit to guide and champion you as you, inturn, teach and honor your trainee. The way you delight in her good qualities will make her more confident in them! They have value beyond what our eyes can see. The Lord knows her and her strengths and has placed her in that part of the vineyard because of the value they bring to his work. She is now in your care. What will do with such a stewardship? You are not in charge of her... you have been given the responsibility to help her become her very best. Celebrate all of her greatness! Make her shine! By doing so, you are not diminished... campions breed champions. Further, study her life. Study the lives of those you’re seeking to teach! Study Jesus, his mannerisms, his teaching skills, his character, his victory wins and the building blocks that created the Christ. Really study him until your dying breath. Study him and become him. This obsession is worth your life. Study Lucifer. His tactics, his lies and his sly moves. By doing so, your battle plan becomes stronger because you know how to outsmart him. Teach with optimism, example, the spirit and with love. Above all, remember that it is easier to love and teach a friend than it is to work with your enemy... so make her your friend.
The Lord has confidence in you and your ability to do this work, to train his young missionaries and believes enough that you can set the tone for this missionary that you were called to do it. So do it with confidence. Do it with optimism. Do it with faith and love and a belief that failure is not an option when the Lord is on your side. Then enjoy it and find gladness in the company and ease at which you find the task. Don’t try and make it difficult or stressful. That is a waste of your time and effort. You’re a champion! You’ve exhibited that to be the case... and so now go create a champion force to be reckoned with! Something that puts fear in the very heart of the adversary. Create an army to gather Israel because Jesus is coming and he relys on champions to pull forward the champion in all of us! You are the captain. Make Moroni proud.
Go and do... enjoy and find joy... keep the faith.
I love you sweet Bailey.


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