July 2, 2018

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RE: To mom

Dear Sweet Bailey,
This is hilarious! Truly... I never think... “Bailey used to be a brat”.
I have had many conversations this past week with JoDee and Sara. They’ve been really deep and very though provoking. I’ve enjoyed all of them. One, in particular, was when JoDee told me that somebody said to her that one can’t repent over and over for the same thing and she corrected them and told them that they could. The thought in my mind was, “you can and should because it leads you to true repentance” and as I pondered it I thought it goes one step further than that; “true repentance is when you’ve finally changed and do it no more.” At that point (of change) you have accomplished the goal, the atonement has worked, and you no longer have said weakness... you have become like Christ through repentance.
It doesn’t matter how many conversations we had wherein you didn’t understand and or I didn’t understand. We kept forging on, saying sorry... screwing up again and saying sorry again until the atonement changed us. It is the goal... and you hit the goal... so none of that previous stuff matters now. I don’t think of it. The Lord doesn’t think of it and you can confidently move forward without shame and let it rest. The atonement changed you and you are not a brat. You overcame. So hold that head up and thank Jesus for his miraculous gift and let it keep changing the things that the spirit speaks to you. And you will keep growing to the ripe old age of a tree... THE TREE... and you will become as Jesus sacrificed for and as our Heavenly parents see you.
You will overcome the natural man... the goal of this world... and now you know how it’s done... It is a part of you and your testimony... consistency in partaking of the atonement of Christ (over and over, as Jodee put it...) until HE changes you and you become truly repentant and make the change.
You’re amazing. You Always have been... You always will be... now go help others find this in themselves and see that same potential in others.
I love you.


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