July 2, 2018


La Libertad


Liz Upari

La Libertad and Hermana Upari

Well hello everyone! 
This week has been  a real adventure. I have been transferred to a  brand new sector and I am training a brand new missionary! We get lost a lot in this new sector because its  so  dang huge... But we love it!  Our ward is so darling! And we have found some amazing new people.... there is only one problem... we dont have a house! We are living with the Sister training leaders right now in Magdalena, so we  take lots and lots of busses! Its a joy! 
This  week I have  thought alot about my time here. I only have 5 months, but  it has been the  most amazing 5 months of my life! This week included. I love being a missionary!!! 
I was reading this  week in Alma 5, when Alma is speaking to the members of the church... the list of questions he had blew my mind and made me think  so much about our short time here on this  earth. We were contacting a man in a taxi this week, who told me that our actions dont have consequences.... and then I read this chapter. I  can PROMISE you that our actions matter. I have a solid testimony that  our lives are so  important to the lord. Our thoughts, words, service or lack of, repentance, EVERYTHING is important to  Him. 
We have  the blessing of the atonement to help us change. Jesus is the  Christ. He died for us. He lives today. And He is coming soon. 
I love you all! 
Hna Mecham
ps id send pictures but this place is  sketchy  and I think theyd all get lost!


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