June 18, 2018


Cayetano Hereida, Palao Zone


Sariah Vargas

Little Miss Magic

Hola Amigos! 
The last two weeks have been a journey. we have had a lot of exciting events happen, as our misison is changing presidents next week! We had amazing interviews with Pres and Hna Larson, a special metting with Elder Gary Stevenson, a beautiful baptism, a life changing zone confrence, A temple trip (in spanish) , and a fathers day that I will not soon forget. All of these things have my mind in a question proposed by Jimmy Buffett in his song "Little Miss Magic." The line says "Little miss magic, what ya gonna be?" In all these changes and meetings and beautiful experiences have made me think of who I am and who I want to be. 
So lets start with Interviews. In our interviews Hna Larson said something powerful: "Youre on the winning team. Jesus Christ is your anchor runner, so youre gonna win." It was something I needed to hear. From time to time in the mission you find gold, but usually people slam doors in your face and tell you to leave. Its not easy. But thats ok... Becuase we are on the winning team. It doenat matter how far behind we feel, becuase the Savior is the last... and he will win the race. I know that. I know that He is never far away, in fact hes very close and He is coming soon. 
Elder Stenvenson testified of something similar. He talked to a ton of us. And each time he asked us how much time we had. No matter if we had 3 days or 22 months he sayd " Wow, thats the perfect time! Right in the sweet spot on you rmission!" Truly, every day is a good day. Every day is special. Every day is a change to draw closer to the Lord and learn of him. Every day is another oppotunity to find someone to serve and to be kind. Everyday. We have EVERYDAY to live a little better, repent a little more, forgive a little harder, and smile a little brighter. Everyday is a day to be new. Everyday us a day to be YOU. I know that we are called for a reason. God knows where we are needed! We truly never have time to waste.... this time is his. this life is his.
Right after our time with him we witnessed a beautiful baptism. Paul looked so good in white. Its one of my fav things to see. 
And then we had our zone confrence. One again words that i will nevr forget and a feeling that will never leave my memory. They soke of miracle missionaries and mirracle missions. Those who have so much afaith that they change the country. Hna Larson Sais that we need to create a miracle mission to create a miracle life. I belive that is true. We have so much to be cratful for. Thsi life is beautiful and really our missions never end... they just change a little when we get home. 
I want to be all these great things... a runner on the lords team, a diligent servent of the savior, and a mirracle missionary. I want to spread magic and sunshine wherever I serve. I want to become the person that my leaders descibe. 
The question for you is the same... what will you be? I know that in this world its hard to look at ourselves through the eyes of the Savior. But I also know that there is nothing more sweet and pressious. He loves us. He knows us. He wants to lead and guide us, we just have to take his hand and run with Him.
I love you all so much!Thank you for the support. 
Hermana Mecham


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