May 21, 2018


Cayetano Hereida, Palao Zone


Sariah Vargas

Earthquakes and Transfers

Well Hello family! 
I hope you are all fine and dandy! (refer to hard candy christmas by dolly parton...) here in Lima the work is just as special as ever! We have 2 baptisms this week for some of the cutest people ive ever met! Ingrid and Lorena. I am so excited for them! 
But in other news, we had transfers! I am still in Cayetano!!!!! YAY! but I have a new companion! She is darling! From Arequipa, Peru! and she speaks about as much english as my mom speaks spanish..... sorry Mom, i love you but .....!!  she is an amazing teacher. I really like working with her! Shes also way funny! I am learning so much already! haha
Im also super glad I had her this week because we had a little earthquake in Lima! And I am such  a heavy sleeper that I had no idea until she woke me up! We had to go outside and all this jazz and honestly i was just annoyed that I couldnt sleep! I didnt really care that the poor lad next to me was pleading with God to save us.... It took me a min to pull my head out and realize that it was a big deal to these people. It was truly humbling to watch them comfort one another. Thankfully nothing major happened. we are all of. Lima is safe and the cute old ladys prayers were answered. It was amamzing. 
I love being here. I love the difference in culture and people. I love the language, even though I say really dumb things all the time haha! But hey whats new!? And i love love love the lord. He is honestly so powerful and yet so gentle and kind. His hands are alwasy ourstreched waiting for us to take them. I belive with all my heart that he will never stop trying to bring us home. That is why we have repentance. That is why we have the commandments and the profets. That is why we have the scriptures. They are there to guide and protect us, to keep us holding on. and when we let go, when we gwet or feel lost, he is there. hands outstreched. waiting to wrap us in his arms and carry us home. I love him. I know He lives. I know the He is the savior of the  world. He suffered to understand. He died on that cross for us. He rose on the third day to bring light into the world. He is te WAY and the TRUTH. He is the reason we have hope. 


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