May 14, 2018


Lima, , Peru


Alison Law

12 weeks????? WHATTTT

God Morning Brothers! (refer to pictures at the bottom)
I am so excited to share a few awesome things about my week! 
First of all, It was mothers day!!!! I have never been so excited to talk to my family! And 44 min isnt long enough. They alwasys say that but its so true. When I got done there was a huge pit im my stomach, one that can only be filled by the good work of the lord. Hna Laws brother in law said that. And its the absolute truth. as soon as we got back to work all the aching went away and I could focus again on the work and the people. I love that. God blesses us so much when we do his will. He really is the Prince of Peace. 
In other news we found 2 new investagators who in our very first visit ansed us what they need to do to get baptised! I abouout fell off the chair. It was both a tender mercy and a miracle! I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES! They are EVERYWHERE! It has been awesome to teach them for the last 2 weeks and Iam so excited for their baptism next week! They are so special! 
And now for the funny things that went down in Cayetano.... so therer is a chinese place by our house! and one of the letters went out this week. so it looks like (if pronounced currectly) won flaun... and so my and my comp always say YOU WON FLAUN! when we walk by... not like that means abything becuase yall dont have the pleasure of smelling it. Hna law thinks they sel dog. ALSO! We have an investigator who thinks hes really good at english.... but thats not really the case. He sent us a txt at 930 at night that began god morning brothers..... its my new favorite greeting! 
ANd to sum it all up.... I love being here. training is over and I am now off to be a freea womam. KIDDING! I has actually been the best 12 weeks of my life. I highly recommend a mission to all who have even considered it. It will change you. 
God speed to all my friends! I love you all so much! Hand shakes from Peru!Hna Mecham


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