April 9, 2018


Cayetano Hereida, Palao Zone


Alison Law

Goats in a bag??? AND Kneaders???????

Hola FAM! 
This week has been a joy! To start I got a new comanion! Tuesday mornign when she hopped off the bus she asked me how much time I had in the Mission!.... she clearly didnt know that she would be training! As soon as I told her she just laughed and thats how its been for the last week. She is just the cutest, a little ball of sunshine! 
That joy was just what Cayetano needed this week! We have been teaching this family, well the mama and her son mostly, and they have had the hardest time accepting a baptismal date! We fasted and prayed so hard for them... and then at General Confrence last weekend I had  the coolest experience... the thought "If they listen clostly to the message, they will ask to be baptised."came to my mind... I wrote it down just to be sure (of course it came from God). Then we had an appointment on Wednesday........... AND CECILIA ASKED US WHEN SHE COULD GET BAPTISED! I about fell out of my chair! I knew that that message, combined with the sweet spirit that Hna Law brought with her testimony, was exactly what Cecilia and Jose needed. GET READY WORLD, CAYETANO IS GETTIN BAPTIZED! I truly love these people and I love watching them improve and change their lives. The light of Jesus Christ is so real. 
Then we hit Friday! And as we were walking down the road we hear this baaaing sound... and we look arounf and find NOTHING! .... untill we see the horns poking out of the (what looks like a pillowcase) bag.... 2 OF THEM! SOME MAN HAD 2 GOATS IN A BAG! A BAG!  I have never laughed so much.... BIENVENIDO A PERU!  
The week only got better when we found my safe haven..... La Gran Molino (its the kneaders of Peru) I cried!... and we had to eat there of course! so today we hit it up.... and the nice man PAYED FOR OUR FOOD! He said his sister is a missionary too... I love it. People are so kind. 
For all those thinking of serving a mission the answer is YES! I promise you it is worth any doubt you have..... 
Thank ou for all the love and prayers! 
I love you all!Have the best week! 
Hna Mecham


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