March 20, 2018


Cayetano Hereida, Palao Zone


Lindsay Tyler

Letter to Pres

Buenos Tardes Presidente!

This week has been fantastic as usual! The spirit just keeps getting stronger, the work seems to be normal now, and the people have easily wiggled their way into my heart! I love it here! This week was a week of reflection for me! Starting with the Multizona and Elder Alonzo. I learned so much from you and Hna Larson as well as from Elder and Hna Alonzo. I took some time in my studies to evaluate my Makefekes and how I could improve as a missonary. It was amazing. I also studied this week about the atonement for 2 of our invcestigators... whoever said you learn the most when youre studying for others was so right! It was the most overwhelming spirit of joy, peace and gratitude for the Savior and his forever love. In addition we found a new investigator! He is the son of another investigator, Cecilia, and is progressing so well! He accepted baptism and reads the Book of Mormon every day! I have seen the impact of the Book of Mormon in him. It has changed my perspective and testimony of its power. He and his mama are fabulous, church attending (twice now) question asking investigators! I love them! They are very different from Maria Elena... and I like that its different to teach them because it makes me work on listening to the spirit. I have had to do that a lot in my teaching this week... It had been amazing to see the power of the spirit in helping the children of God. And Maria Elena is one of them. This week I saw a change. So did Hna Tyler! She is getting there! It may be slow, but its enough! I love her so much! I am so excited for her to be baptised and experience the love and light that comes from this gospel! I think I was able to see that change a little more becuase of the talk Hna Larson gave us in our Capacitacion. It was much needed and as I prayed for and tried to listen to the spirit more I could feel that power of decernment!

This work is great! I love it every day!
Thank you for all you do!

Have a great week!

Hermana Mecham


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