March 5, 2018


Cayetano Hereida, Palao Zone


Lindsay Tyler

The field is WHITE, My neck is RED, and the floor is brown

Well Hola Family!
Life as a Lima Central Missionary is just fantastic. I have truly never seen so many miracles.... But wow is it hard. They never really prepare you for this kind of hard... its the kind that makes you smile at the end of your day and plead with the Lord in every prayer. Its the kind that gets you out of bed at 7:30 (yes we get up at 7:30.. praise!) and put your feet on the nastiest floor your eyes have ever seen. Its the kind that gives you the courage to witness of the light of the Book of Mormon to those who argue against it. But most of all, its the kind of hard that God sends angels to assist with. Those angels are EVERYWHERE. They come in every form. They spread sunshine and guide thoughts. I LOVE THEM! I know that they are with us every day. 
I love this area I am in! Palao is the furthest part north of my mission! We border both the Lima North and Lima West missions! It is so cute, so tiny! Because of the size we walk... and walk... and walk.... and share our testimonies in broken spanish... and walk some more!! Personally I love dodging the dog poop on the side walk and the stupid dogs that look like they want to eat you! As well as the Moto Taxies (that have 3 wheels and are covered in little plastic rapings.) It makes crossing the street a journey! In addition to the crazy, I am absolutly loving all the first loooks Ive had. My appartment, my cute area, the men who sell fruit (or brooms) on their bikes with a cart out front, the weird bugs in my food, the sunshine, the colorful homes, the poorest people with 3 walled homes, the chicha morada (a purple drink), and so much more. 
I love seeing Gods hand in my life! He is with me every day. It is the most amaing thing thus far about being a missionary: seeing how the little things make such a difference!! He is good. I have come to see how crazy the world is in contrast to that principle. Weve had about 4 people tell us this week that the Book of Mormon is from the Devil... and that Joseph Smith is every horrid thing under the sun... And Its sad to feel the lack of spirit these people have. My testimony of the Scriptures, the Prophet Joseph, and the Power if the HOLY GHOST have been put on trial and STRENGTHED this week. I know without a doubt that Jesus is the Christ. That the Book of Mormon is REAL and TRUE and for US!!! I know that we have a work to do, that God loves us enough to make us work for our salvation. I know that we find hope through HIM! If you havnt found it, seek it. If you have found it, CHARISH IT! 
Thank you for all the love and prayers! I feel it daily! 
Love Hermana Mecham


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