February 26, 2018


Cayetano Hereida, Palao Zone


Lindsay Tyler

Weekly Letter 1 to President Larson

Buenos Tardes Presidente Larson!

Thank you for your weekly letter. It was a great reminder of my responsibilities. I will try harder this week to meet my personal goals as well as our weekly and monthly goals.

What can I say, It's hard. I didn't realize how much time is put into finding those that the Lord has prepared. It makes my heart so happy to think of the great work that I get to be apart of. On that note, this week has been amazing. I have seen so many miracles in the sector as well as my own life. My Spanish is getting a little bit better every day. I have aquired a little note book to keep all my words in. I practice my pronunciation in the scriptures and with Hna. Tyler! It's not quite there yet... or even close, for that matter, but I know that as I try and I open my mouth, the Lord will help me.

Our sector is doing well, as far as I know. Training just happens to include learning about the people! I already see myself loving them more than I thought I would. Maria Elena and her two boys are our baptism goal for this week. They are so ready. Her testimony is real and I know she has a strong desire. We also found a girl this week who is ready to recieve this message. Her name is Leonela. We didn't get her to church, but I hope we can this week as we teach her.

Thank you for your diligence!

Hermana Mecham


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