February 14, 2018


Peru CCM


Kelly Lords-Brasier


Well, the CCM has come and gone... but I have to admit that the time here has been beautiful! I have a new love for rain, early bed times, and clean laundry! AND I have a new Love and Relationship with the Savior, My Savior. I have realized over the last few weeks that THIS IS ALL FOR THE LORD! This is HIS amazing work! 
I got to go out and procelyde this week with my amazing zone. It was amazing. We walked into a park and instantly knew that we had to talk to this one lady! And so we did... we gave her a folleta and un book of mormon! It brought the spirit so strong when i could actually testify in SPANISH! And on top of that... when we walked away the missionary, hermana Ballerd, said to me, Ill send you and invite to her baptism... we knew she would be baptised. It was aamzing. Sadly i will not be serving in the same mission. But i know that lima central will be HOME! It just flowes in my blood evry day. These people are my people. I LOVE THEM!
One of the best parts of the CCM is the oportunity to watch and participate in devotionals! We watched one by Elder Bednar where he councelled to read the book of mornon the whole way through with a single question in mind... I took the to heart! I bought a book of mormon and began my study of a single question... Let me tell you, i plan to have at least 300 books of mornin when im old becuse this is the most ive ever gotten anything out of my scriptures. It is so good. 
Being a missioanry is the best. I get to be with my BFF all the time (the holy ghost) AND I get to speak a crazy fun language! 
Peace be with you all! I LOVE YOU!
Hermanita Mecham 


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