January 30, 2018


Peru CCM


Abbie Jane Martin

CCM Week 3!

Hola Amigos!

This week in the CCM has been quite an adventure. We are in a 6 week program, and by being in that program we have the amazing privledge of watching out Avenzados go into the field and seeing the new missionaries come in. The spirit that is felt as we have prepared for their arrival is beyond explanation. They are so special. We all are, but there is something so unique about wearing the name of the Savior as you stand as His representative. I have come to appreciate and admire that light more than ever since I have been here!

Life is so beautiful! Beginning on Monday we started teaching a new investagator who was so insane! He read the entire Book of Mormon in 1 week and bore his testimony to us of the importance of follow the Savior. His exact words were I know this is true, even if my family doesnt. That was powerful because his family was so angry about his belief and faith. His Dad said he was no longer his son and his mama wont speak to him any way besides the phone... It amazed me to see his ability to be stong. And the spirit that we felt! AH! I love it! I love teaching the gospel. And I love speaking Spanish. It is amazing how the spirit we feel when we teach allows ua also to speak to their understanding, to the point that they feel the spirit. The spirit is the BEST teacher. Always has been, always will be...

I do have to share something funny though. I never thought that my stomach would ever hurt so much! They told us in the beginning to be carful, but I clearly mis understood. It is a joke throughout the CCM that the best time to read your scriptures is in the bathroom because you will spend so much time there... It actually makes us laugh and our teachers all make fun of us (the North Americans) because we are always in there hahahah... anyways that might be a little TMI but im not worried because its the full experience!

In adittion to the weird bowel movements, I have become a serious pro at football! In the most humble way possible of course. We play with the latinos every day! And the best part is that only the sisters can use phtsical contact with sister... so i dont ever feel like im going to be crushed!! We kick the ball over the fence at least once a week, though. so the people behind us have gotten pretty good at chucking it back over... But its amazing.

I love it here. My heart remains joyful, even in the struggles of Spanish and crazy companionships!

Chapter of the week: Ether 12. Study it. Ponder it. Love it. Live it.

Love you all!
Hermana Mecham


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